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Judge selection is scheduled to begin on Monday.

A woman is holding a sign during a rally protesting the shooting of Amado Aubrey in Brunswick, Georgia. Arbury was shot dead while running in a neighborhood outside the port city. The jury selection in this case will start on Monday. (AP Photo / Stephen B. Morton, File) Associated Press

Brunswick, Georgia (AP) — A framed photo on the wall of a soul food restaurant in Travis Riddle shows a local sheriff arresting a gray-bearded white man with a cuff behind his back. Is shown. Served in the murder of Armauder Berry.

It shows that Greg McMichael was imprisoned for murder last day for the murder of him and his son Travis McMichael for the murder of a 25-year-old black man.

McMichael’s has been charged with fatally shooting him after chasing Arbury on a pickup truck and finding him running in the neighborhood. More than two months have passed before he was arrested after a video of the shooting was leaked online, causing public protests.

Jury selection in murder trial McMichael’s and William “Rody” BrianThe neighbor who participated in the chase and took the video will start on Monday. For many, it is a judicial system that allows them to remain free for weeks after pursuing and killing blacks, as well as the three white defendants on trial.

“You have corruption, then the best Oleboy system, and racism-that’s how I see it,” he said to attend some of the trials away from his restaurant, Country Boy Cooking. Said Riddle, who wants it.

Arbury’s death on February 23, 2020 is more widespread regarding racial injustice in the criminal legal system after a series of deadly encounters between blacks and police, especially George Floyd, Breona Taylor, and Rayshard Brooks. Became part of the view.

Rev. John Perry, President of Brunswick, said: NAACP Chapter when Arberry was killed.

Arbery’s best friend Akeem Baker continues to run exactly 2.23 miles on the 23rd of every month to keep his memory alive.

Baker said in a social media post that he was frequently tagged by people performing similar memorial services as far away as Britain.

“I must believe that this will bring about the necessary changes for Brunswick and the country in terms of racial justice,” Baker said.

McMichael’s and Brian have each been charged with nine charges, including malicious murder, felony murder, weighted assault, and other crimes. The man told police that he used a pickup truck to prevent Arbury from escaping the Satilla Shores area. Security cameras in an open-frame house under construction had previously recorded him on the scene, and they suspected he was stealing.

Greg McMichael, a retired investigator of the district attorney, sees him playing a law enforcement relationship in a record taken by a police body camera of a police officer dispatched to the scene after the shooting. I can.

Prosecutors claim that Arbury is just jogging on the street just two miles (3.2 km) from his home. They say he was unarmed and police found no evidence that he had stolen something.

What remains is how much the prosecutor emphasizes evidence of racism in the killing of Arbury. At a court hearing last year, Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents testified to investigators that Brian had witnessed Travis McMichael standing on Arbury and issuing a racist slur. From the explosion of three shotguns.

Travis McMichael’s lawyer denies it.

Investigators also found on Travis McMichael’s cell phone a text message from a year before the shooting in which he used the N-word twice in one exchange. The prosecutor has included the text in the evidence submitted to the trial record, but has not required them to be used during the trial.

Meanwhile, the defense lawyer has asked the judge not to show the prosecutor a photo of the truck jury that McMichael’s used to track Arbury.

McMichael’s and Brian’s lawyers claimed that Arbury wasn’t committing a crime, saying he was legally trying to stop him for reasons to suspect he was a thief. At that time, Georgia law allowed civilian arrests. They claim that Travis McMichael shot Arbury in self-defense after Arbury attacked him with his fist and tackled his gun.

“The jury will decide that the case is simply to protect our neighbors and ourselves,” Travis McMichael’s lawyer Jason Shefield said in an email to the Associated Press.

The Arbury family has long said he was targeted for his race. His relatives cheered in April when the US Department of Justice charged McMichael’s and Brian with federal hate crimes. Another trial in that case is scheduled for February.

Lee Merritt, a civil rights lawyer for the Arbury family, said: “The country plans to secure front row seats where Glynn County, Georgia was culturally present in 2021, or at least where it was in 2020.”

Georgia was one of four states in the United States that had no hate crime law at the time Arbury was killed, but Georgia lawmakers quickly adopted one in protest against his death. Did. They also almost eradicated the state’s arrest law.

Arbury’s aunt Thea Brooks says he was a victim of “modern Lynch.” She said a security camera at the same construction site, which McMichael’s suspected of looting Arbury, recorded another person, including whites and children, entering to look around.

“I feel like it was a racially profiled situation that day,” Brooks said.

For local activist Elijah Bobby Henderson, the killing of Arbury broke the exposed line between white and black Brunswick residents to maintain what he called “comfortable tension between races.” Killed. He remembered when he was a kid, he was told that black children shouldn’t do trick-or-treat in the Satilla Shores district, where Arbury died.

“As long as everyone respects those boundaries, there can be peace,” Henderson said. “Armo dared to cross one of those boundaries.”

James Yancey Jr., a black criminal defense counsel for Brunswick who was not involved in the Arbury case, said racial issues are likely to grow in court, whether or not prosecutors emphasize it. rice field.

“Every time there is an incident involving whites and blacks … I think it’s probably impossible to miss that fact,” Yancey said.

With the death of Arbury, Henderson and other black activists in Grin County formed Group A Better Grin to promote racial and socio-economic justice.In that first year, nonprofits registered voters prior to the long-seen 2020 elections. District Attorney Jackie Johnson defeated.. The county also hired the first full-time black police chief after the group called for a national survey.

Meanwhile, Perry and Riddle are one of eight candidates running for the November 2 election to become Brunswick’s next mayor.

Pastor James Woodall, the former president of the Georgia NAACP, described the election process as a sign of further change in Brunswick and other communities like that.

“There is a wave of organization to solve the problems of the people in the community and involve them more than ever,” said Woodall, now a public policy associate at the Southern Human Rights Center.

“We look forward to building a state where justice is literally the order of the day and not just the expectations of a small part of our community.”

Morrison reported from New York City.

In trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death, racial reckoning looms large Source link In trial over Ahmaud Arbery’s death, racial reckoning looms large

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