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The day before the Cleveland primary, city council candidate Michael Hardy knocked on as many doors as possible to reach the 11th district final vote, where incumbent Brian Mooney is seen, and as much literature as possible. Is being distributed. As vulnerable.

Hardy was approved by the Plain Dealer / editorial board last month, highlighting this summer’s interviews and public involvement of government transparency and public involvement.

He told Scene Monday that he was still shocked at how slowly and inefficiently the information from the city hall flowed down to Jefferson and the residents of the West Boulevard area. In fact, one of his first “out of control” changes is to publish the 11th District newsletter to promote the city’s services and ward resources.

“I’m all about communication,” Hardy said shortly after finishing the call to assign volunteers to polling stations on election day. “In order for Cleveland to join the cities of its peers and move forward into the future, the city government needs to be more transparent and more accessible.”

Hardy, a longtime educator and graduate of Cleveland Public School, wants to emphasize educational and youth recreational opportunities in District 11. We also want to increase access to fresh food, perhaps by establishing a ward-based food co-operative. To make public transport options frequently available to non-car resident.

Hardy insisted that there was no personal quarrel with anyone — “I’m friends with everyone,” he said — but during the door-to-door canvassing, people simply know who their councilor is. I admitted that I repeatedly heard that I didn’t know. Brian Mooney was appointed by retired councilor Donna Brady in 2020 and was not a resident of the ward at the time. He was a councilor at Brookpark and a member of Lakewood’s Democratic constituency committee shortly before his appointment.

“People aren’t looking at him,” Hardy said. “They don’t know what his agenda is. They look at his mail and say,’Is this my councilor?'”

Like other progressive council challengers, Hardy is skeptical of the city council’s appointment tradition and other anti-democratic “customs.” He said former councilor Donna Brady should have offered Ward an option and let voters consider her replacement.

This is in line with Hardy’s other privileges on civic participation. He was an advocate for public comments at a city council meeting and said he liked the participatory budgeting model for dollar allocation in the US rescue program.

“Community must be involved,” he said.

His own preference for these funds is to expand broadband access, improve digital literacy, “rethink education and vocational training” and make Cleveland a future labor that will compete long-term with cities such as Pittsburgh and Columbus. To create power.

Hardy said Cleveland was at a crucial moment and excited about the new mayoral administration. He has supported three candidates in the race: Justin Bib, Dennis Kucinich and Bashir Jones.

“I believe all seven candidates are competent, and I know I can work with anyone on ballots,” he said. “But those are the three I think I listen to the inhabitants and really make a difference to the city hall.”

According to Hardy, District 11 contains a large number of small and medium-sized businesses with limited immigrants and English proficiency, and in collaboration with the new administration, all businesses can make easier and more friendly transactions with the city hall. Aspiring to do.

“No matter who the new mayor is, the city council needs to work with them,” he said. With them To move Cleveland forward. ”

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In Ward 11, Michael Hardy Challenging Unknown, Unseen Appointed Incumbent Source link In Ward 11, Michael Hardy Challenging Unknown, Unseen Appointed Incumbent

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