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Josh Myers should benefit from the snaps taken this spring Wes Hodkiewicz

Blues in Appleton, Wisconsin

What do you think of this year’s Packers rookie class?

It’s an impressive group. Eric Stokes, Josh Myers and Amari Rogers may have been on the field this offseason more than any other rookie covered over the last decade other than Darnell Savage. The Packers worked all three players this spring.

Kyle, St. Charles, Missouri

I hope Josh Myers actually locks down the starting center gig. Certainly it will contribute to much better OL by having other established veterinarians play their more natural position. And how do you compare Myers to the Lindsley-sized shoes he’s trying to fill? Is there anything he might be better off with, or is he just trying to catch up in all respects?

They are both intelligent and played in Ohio. Similarities almost start there and end there. Otherwise, the two have approaches to play very different frames and positions. Myers also took a snap of the first team throughout the spring, in contrast to Lindsley, who didn’t take the starting rep until the last week of the 2014 camp. That experience should help Myers bid for him to win the job.

Dan in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Should Jordan Love be listed as a rookie? I say that because he has never played in pre-season games, has never changed into a regular-season game, and has never tried a field goal. Wes, what do you say?

Under no circumstances is love called a rookie. He didn’t play, but Ai was on the Packers’ list of 53 people throughout the last season. It counts as the season in which it occurs and gives Love a second year of status. And even if he didn’t keep the roster, love would now be listed as a player for the first year because he had previously signed an NFL contract.

Ross, Hudson, Wisconsin

Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that there is nothing the best, only the better. Continuous improvement. Never get tired of the status quo. In your opinion, which player who made great strides last year will be the driving force for the championship if it improves and evolves as it did in 2020?

Robert Tonyan. Big Bob has been playing every year since he entered Indiana. I think he will stay on track in 2021 and become an undeniable professional bowler who will help Green Bay win many games. *

Christopher in Middletown, Rhode Island

After years of struggle, both the 2021 Bucks and the 1996 Packers Championship are incredible achievements. Which do you think is the better feat to explain the difference between the NBA and the NFL? What is the reason?

The Bucks run was great and spent 50 years, but I still have to make the Super Bowl XXXI run a bigger feat. It was such a monumental achievement, especially with how far the franchise fell and all the stars that had to line up for its twelfth world title to come true.

Jason in Huntsville, Alabama

Speaking of where we were when the team won the championship, I still remember the Packers’ victory at the 1997 Super Bowl XXXI. I was in the first year of high school and went out on the street with my friends to re-enact all packers. TD. I had to be Andre Lyson in the first one. I did everything with duckwalk, but at the end I jumped into a snowman and improvised a bit (I lived in northern Wisconsin at the time). Where was Wes on that night of fate?

Given that I was eight years old, there aren’t many cool stories about Super Bowl XXXI. I saw it at home with my parents. I was so absorbed in broadcasting at the time that I recorded a radio call between Jim Irwin and Max McGee. I still have those cassette tapes in my parents’ house.

Jordan from Virginia Beach, Virginia

I’ve sent this question multiple times with multiple lead-ins, but no response. As the training camp is nearing its end, I’m trying again before there are more pressing issues to discuss. Which packers on either side of the ball most want to play in both directions? What about the NFL as a whole? Packers I Want to See: Ergton Jenkins as an Interior Defensive Lineman, and Kenny Clarke Zone Blocking in Attack. Filling the hole in Derrick Henry is the ILB and CB Xavien Howard running route.

Have I answered this before? My answer was Tyler Lancaster, who was mostly guarded at Northwestern University. I know it’s not the most fancy answer, but it’s true.

Kyle in Pikeville, Kentucky

Now that Bucks has become the NBA champion, do you think their success will be passed on to the Packers? Looking at Tampa’s recent success and Boston over the last few years, that seems possible.

There were more than 12 packers players who participated in playoff games or showed support on social media. So I can’t tell me that Zadelias Smith, Aaron Jones and David Bakhtiari aren’t willing to win the title after seeing the Milwaukee playoffs in person.

Jonathan, Medina, Tennessee

Hello Wes! I have a question about the Packers’ aggressive success. From the first year to the second year of the LaFleur system, efficiency and productivity have made great strides. Assuming Aaron Rodgers is at the center, what is the key to maintaining that success in the third year?

Much applies to the line of attack that was brilliant in the face of injury last year. The packers have a big challenge in front of them and need to replace the central Corey Lindsley and prepare Plan B for the left tackle, which David Buff Tiari is still repairing.

TK in Grafton, Wisconsin

Do you object to fans calling your team “us”?

There is no problem. After all, it’s your team. I’m excited only when media members do so.

Stephen from Green Bay, Wisconsin

But I’m sure someone caught this … “Green Bay didn’t draft a cornerback this April, but the sixth round of 2019 pick Ka’dar Hollman, a converted receiver. There are several development prospects, including Kabion Ento and undrafted free. Agents Mark Antoine Decoy, Stanford Samuels, Will Sunderland, Dashawn Amos. How about Eric Stokes?

It’s nice to see you’ve been reading position-by-position previews for a year now. The new 2021DB will be posted on Monday.

Craig, Bonduel, Wisconsin

Is the Packers currently in a good defensive position for a 4-3 or 3-4 defense?

3-4 … All 15% of the base snaps that packers play in the average game.

Jeffrey, Rosemount, Minnesota

The skills of Davante Adams bring me great joy.

Jeffrey, you’re not alone.

Julian from Gastonia

I know what Davante Adams offers to Rogers in QB. Adams played very well when Rogers was injured, but it certainly wasn’t understandable. Before signing the blockbuster deal, it’s not surprising that Packers will see who this year’s QB is and who Adams is playing with. Assuming Rogers is this year’s QB, not next year, Green Bay has a tag option to see how he gels with next year’s love. Why are you in such a hurry?

I don’t think quarterbacks have much to do with that. See what Allen Robinson has achieved in Chicago in the last few seasons. The rush to get something done with Adams is to use the last year of his existing contract to apportion the contract money for his next contract. As I said at the beginning of the off-season, Packers will be able to reduce Adams’ caps this season with a new deal.

Dave in Waterford, Ohio

The two former NFL players were a selection of Pro Bowls, playing offense, wearing number 21 and playing at the Packers. Can you give me a name?

There was no Pro Bowl during the heyday of Van Ruwellen, but I know Brent Fullwood once went to Hawaii.

Adam in San Diego, California

I think the rally form finger with the little finger sticking out instead of the index finger sticking out is a great idea. What a great game day will be given, a pro shop idea. I think it sells like a hot cake.

Don’t say you’re not from Green Bay, say you’re not from Green Bay.

Brandon, Imperial, Missouri

Good morning. Have you ever seen “hard knock” on HBO? If so, do you think it gives a true picture of a training camp in the NFL? This year is also Cowboys. I couldn’t really see how the internals worked when he had the puck, so I’d like to know how MM runs the camp. Do you think it will give you any insight into his year at GB?

If we know how the Cowboys do things, we strongly suspect that we won’t learn anything about McCarthy’s time with the Packers from “hard knocks.” I still see it every year, and you can bet your (ass) I’m seeing it again this summer. I think Mike makes a great TV. I also want to find my friend Ryan Fedder someday.

Bob in Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you are flying to Tokyo now, you will probably join. If the athletic gods gave you the ability to compete in Olympic-level events for two weeks, which one would you choose?


Doug, Nina, Wisconsin

Good morning, Wes. Former President Richard Nixon once said, “I like my job now, but if I have to start my life again, I want to be a sports writer.” to see? You have one of the most enviable positions in the country. What other career paths did 20-year-old Hod have?

History professor or lawyer.

Josh in Pomona, California

I’m going to say that: Marcedes Lewis has resigned to chase the championship with the Packers. It’s hard to believe that Aaron Rodgers keeps the Big Dog high and dry. Especially after he said, “It’s about people.” Rogers will be back in green and gold this year.

T- 5 days minus until the start of the training camp.

Jacob, Portage, Wisconsin

Hey Wes, the terminal velocity of soccer (maximum speed from gravity) is about 55MPH. Given that the daily NFL’s arms are hitting at 50-60 mph, catching shouldn’t be much harder than Boyle coming towards you.

Tim made it easier for me. The problem wasn’t speed, but my baby’s hand and the smallest catch radius. Anyway, I don’t want to be hit by football thrown from 800 feet.

Robert, Verona, Wisconsin

People continue to talk about how Janice embraced Milwaukee and Wisconsin by pointing out that he stuck to it when the organization built a team around him. That’s great, but the real sign that he accepted Wisconsin (or at least that he’s really a Wisconsin now) is in his Chick-fil-A post. When asked if the staff could be put on the camera, he answered, “Can I put it on the camera? Is it okay? Or is it no good?” Somewhere, Charlie Bellens is laughing. Do you agree or disagree?

The video was gold every second. I hope he enjoyed the 50 piece Mac Nugget.

Sam, Greendale, Wisconsin

Once the first delight has subsided, can we take the time to thank Monty Williams? He was one of the best coaches and took the time not only to congratulate Bucks but also to thank him for making him a better coach. Absolute master class of sportsmanship. If I’m an athlete, he’s the coach I want to play.

I love Monty Williams. Especially for all the adversity he had to overcome, both personally and professionally. He also has a great system. Bucks was a better, more talented team, but Williams had the players look at the court. He also showed a number of classes entering the Bucks locker room to congratulate the team after the match. Sands are back.

John from Clive, Iowa

In December 2017, I ordered a copy of “Take Your Eyes Off the Ball” directly from the publisher with MasterCard. I like this book and ordered two books, one for Mike Spofford and one for you, in separate orders. The shipment confirmed that both copies were delivered. Mike kindly thanked me for sending me an email confirming the receipt of his copy. You did not respond. I believe that the free copy that the publisher thinks you sent to you may actually be the copy I sent to you. Maybe check your record?

Holy cow, John. you are correct! I’m sorry, but thank you for sending those books in our way. Not only did it make me a better football writer, but it also created a more informed inbox. You are a true Mensh.

I have a question?

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