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Riverside, California 2021-07-21 23:11:07 –

Cases of COVID-19 have reached three digits in the last two days.

COVID-19 cases in Corpus Christi, Texas — Nueces County have reached triple digits in the last two days. This hasn’t been seen since April.

3News spoke with Dr. Kim Onufrac of the City County Health District, who said that these numbers were relevant to 3News.

So the question is what has led to the recent increase.

Dr. Onufrac says more people travel and more summer gatherings are just some of the many factors that contribute to the large number of COVID-19 cases found here in Nueces County.

“The duty of a relaxed mask also contributes to this. To actually control this, the vaccination rate should be close to 70%, but closer to 40 than 70, so all of this is our high It contributes to numbers. It’s a highly contagious variant, no one wears a mask and isn’t socially distant, “says Dr. Onufrac.

Dr. Onufrak also adds that the majority of COVID-19-positive cases are unvaccinated patients, and the majority of inpatients are also unvaccinated. Therefore, she encourages unvaccinated residents to go ahead.

“If you get COVID again from the vaccine, you’re not sick and you’ll prevent hospitalization and death. It’s not 100%. It’s not a complete cover to prevent you from getting COVID when you’re vaccinated. , Prevents serious illness, prevents hospitalization, and prevents death, “says Dr. Onufrac.

If you are vaccinated, Dr. Onufrac says that the numbers are increasing and the mutations are increasing, but be vigilant. Encourage residents to continue to wear masks, reduce social distance, wash their hands, use hand sanitizers, and take all these safety precautions to keep themselves and others safe.

Dr. Onufrac says the best way to protect yourself from the COVID-19 mutant is to get a vaccine. There are multiple places where you can get the vaccine. One of them is La Palmela Mall. Click here for more information on vaccine locations.

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Increase in COVID-19 cases in the Coastal Bend Source link Increase in COVID-19 cases in the Coastal Bend

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