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Increasing politics of corona vaccine

President Biden called the governor on Tuesday To start coronavirus vaccination Within the next two weeks, all adults will speed up the goals he previously set on May 1st.

However, recent polls and political trends, especially in the Red States, suggest that making vaccines available may not be enough if a country reaches herd immunity. Opinion polls suggest that a significant number of skeptics remain vigilant about vaccination, and questions about vaccine safety are at the heart of their suspicions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert, said we should not expect herd immunity to reach at least 75% of Americans until they are vaccinated.

Some states and businesses are beginning to treat vaccination certificates as follows: Passport type.. For example, many cruise ships require proof of vaccination for passengers, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last month gave the state residents an easy way to show proof of vaccination using their smartphones. Announced the creation of. Under New York’s current reopening guidelines, proof of shots was required to enter some of the larger venues.

But the political image is different elsewhere. On Monday, Texas Greg Abbott becomes the second Republican governor to sign a presidential order to prevent state agencies and many companies from demanding vaccination of employees, following Florida’s Rondesantis. became.

Dr. Fauci said yesterday that he and the Biden administration are likely to avoid it. “I don’t think the federal government will be a major proponent of the concept of vaccine passports,” he said.Politico dispatch“Podcast. “They may be involved in ensuring that things are done fairly and equitably, but it is doubtful that the federal government will be a key factor in that.”

But without nudge, polls suggest that vaccination across the country can take some time.

According to the report, almost half of American adults have been vaccinated at least once. Axios / Ipsos Poll Released on Tuesday, there is reason to believe that the increase in vaccination could soon decrease. Many unvaccinated people said they would wait at least a year (25%) rather than vaccination within a few weeks of the availability of the vaccine (19%). .. 31% of Republicans said they were completely unlikely to be shot.Deep-rooted partial driving Alert among white evangelical Christians, A core part of the Republican base, and polls have shown it to be one of the most vaccine-hating populations.

A Another poll More than one-third of the country have little confidence that the Covid-19 vaccine is “properly tested for safety and efficacy,” the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post announced Tuesday. It became clear. Healthcare professionals tracked the rest of the people equally, in terms of skepticism about the vaccine. 36% of them were not confident.

When it comes to self-confidence, there is no stronger measure than whether to give something to a child. Dr. Forch has shown that herd immunity is not possible without extensive vaccination of young people and should be included in every goal of the country. However, nearly half of all parents polled by Axios / Ipsos said they would probably not be the first to line up to vaccinate their children when the vaccine became available.

Fifty-two percent of respondents with children under the age of 18 said they would use the vaccine as soon as their child’s age group was eligible, but 48% said they would not.

But even if some vaccine skepticism persists, Americans report that far more people will come together. Fifty-five percent of the country says they have been with family and friends in the past week, more than at any point in the past year. 45% say they have eaten out recently.

36% say they haven’t practiced social distance at all in the past week.

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Increasing politics of corona vaccine

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