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Incredible 57-Point Whitetail Buck Shot in Kentucky – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

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Editor’s Note: When this deer photo was first sent by hunter Derek Settle, our immediate bowel check was: This is a high fence deer. Before interviewing Settle, I confirmed to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife that I had been checked in by phone for being killed and tagged in Kentucky. (Kentucky High Fence Deer does not need to check in.) After an interview with Settle, we were convinced that his story was true. But after reading Facebook comments and looking at the pictures of his deer posted on the Indiana Deer Reserve page, one thing is clear. It means that no one is telling the truth. We are investigating this story and will update it as more details become available.

Derek Settle made sure to create a record book and solo hunted the back of a monster that was likely to be the biggest dollar ever taken in Kentucky. state It is known for its benefactor. Settle says the striking whitetail has at least 57 scoring points and a rough score with a 289 5/8 inch B & C. Luck is still in the dry stage before it is officially scored for B & C. Settle was able to get an official SCI Green Score for an incredible amount of money. This was a whopping 3112/8 inch.

“When I saw him on earth, I had never acted that way in my adult life,” says Settle. “I didn’t even know how to act. I was just overjoyed with joy. The hunting was so intense that I didn’t really realize what I did. His rack was icing on the cake. It was … it won’t happen to me again. “

This is what the dollar looks like on Settle’s trail cam a year ago. Derek Settle

Got a big back trail cam pick in 2020 — before it disappears

Settle, 41, grew up in Bluegrass and is a longtime local inhabitant of Henderson County. He was a trade union carpenter and lived a few miles away from his current property. He did some landscaping for the woman who lived in the plot. Immediately after her death, he picked up five acres of land and moved his family to a two-story log house on the grounds. That was four years ago.

“I found a lot of deer running here,” he said, and said his neighbors also allowed him to hunt adjacent lands. “It’s a natural corridor. They use clearing to move back and forth between ag-fields and hardwoods.”

Settle set out to set up minerals Food plot Install some permanent stands. Property hunted well —For real good. He has shot great dollars in each of the last three seasons, including last year’s great 13 pointers. His sons also took some good deer.But there was nothing ready to settle for the money he began to get Trail cam A photo of July 2020 in one of his mineral plots. “He appeared out of nowhere,” says Settle. “I had never seen anything like him. He was still early velvet, but I could say he was doing a lot under all that fuzz. rice field.”

The deer returned to the mineral plot at various points of the day for nearly six weeks. And on August 28, 2020, a few weeks before the archery season began, Buck visited Settle’s property for the first time in a while. “He just disappeared,” says Settle. “I thought he took off. I wish I could see him again. I just put him behind my heart. I have never told my soul about him. Trailcam I never showed anyone a picture of … I knew what he was. “

A deer with a large shelf walks through a soybean field
When Settle first found this deer ledge, he thought it might just be a pile of sticks. Derek Settle

Lifelong Deer Spot and Stoke Hunt

Settle recently installed an elevated ground blind in the corner of his property closest to his home.When the wind was blowing towards his house, he saw Settle seeing something he stirs, he is blind. [his] Curiosity. “

“I was in position,” he says. “I took off my backpack, drank cola and calmed down. I looked around a bit and saw something. In a corner of my south soybean field about 300 yards away, I did that. As I looked, the light was shining on his shelf. I thought, It’s not a rack. I want it to be a rack, but it has to be a pile of brushes or sticks or something.

Settle left him Bushnell Powerview 7-15 × 25 Binoculars To make it look good. He was worth checking it out and decided he still had enough time for the stem.He left everything to the visually impaired, except for the brand new crossbow Raven R26, And one arrow. (Settle has a medical exemption from using crossbow during the archery season due to a herniated disc in the neck.)

“It took me a long time to ride a deer,” he says. “I was moving really slowly. I only move when the wind gets stronger. I stopped a lot to check him out and calm him down. You know, I was excited. Opportunity If so, I didn’t want to be out of breath and upset. “

He stopped for a long break about 55 yards from the back. At that point he could say it was a good deer. He thought it probably had a 14 or 16 point rack. “It really got fierce from 50 to 12 yards,” he says. “There was a wild sapling pushed up towards the weed line tree. I used it to stay in the back blind spot. I entered his left rear side.”

The dollar was bedridden. He unplugged to take a brief video of the deer, but the squirrel began to bark at him.

“It caught the attention of the dollar,” recalls Settle. “He turned his head toward me and straightened it back. Then he began pulling those long legs from under him to stand up. I dropped the phone and stabilized the bow. He He had only his lump towards me when he stood up. He was looking at me on his back. He didn’t shoot anything. “

Then the dollar started spinning. Calm down and stabilized the bow. He says it was one of the most intense moments in his life.

“I wanted to give up everything in my body at that moment,” he says. “I was telling myself,’It’s okay. No one will blame you for not giving up and shooting right now, how crazy this deer is. Anyway, no one believes me Let’s do it. “I was scared to think that it would never work again. So these guys are very tricky and mean. ”

But the dollar has taken a complete step to the right. It was a broadside gun, only a quarter away from Settle. He shot.

A dead deer with a big rack is lying on the ground with a crossbow
Settle has a medical exemption from crossbow hunting during the archery season. Derek Settle

Deer dedicated to dad

Settle soon became confident in the placement of his shots. He went to the point of shock and found a bright red, bubbling blood. He then took the gear out of the visually impaired and went home to pick up the boys aged 16 and 18. He calls Settle his “little chasing dog.” They returned to look for money. It ran about 70 yards from where it was shot before it hit the soil. They loaded it into a small ATV and took it home.

Settle did not post money on social media, but he immediately sent a photo of his trophy to his stepfather.

Deer head with a huge rack
Can you believe this rack? Derek Settle

“He taught me all good and evil, what to do and what not to do, and how to be safe in the field,” says Settle. “We spent a lot of time in the woods we grew up with. I owe him much of this.”

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Settle’s real father, Terry, died earlier this year. A disabled veteran who served the country in the Army, Kentucky Senator Robert Mills said, “Before his death on March 25, 2021, he made many lasting contributions to his friends, family, community and country. Was commended. Terry was unable to join Settle in the field when he was alive due to his disability. However, Settle says he felt his presence in September of this year.

“I felt like my dad was with me on my shoulder like an angel,” he says. “I was taking him with me. I would like to dedicate this deer to him and his memory.

“Bowhunting is just one of the things I loved when I was growing up,” adds Settle. “I went to college and lived in the city, so I got out of there for a while, but then came back to the countryside. It’s like living a dream since I was little.”

Grip and grin with a huge white tailback with a crossbow leaning back
Settle used the self-timer to take this grip and smile. This is the perfect photo finish for DIY hunts. Derek Settle

Incredible 57-Point Whitetail Buck Shot in Kentucky Source link Incredible 57-Point Whitetail Buck Shot in Kentucky

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