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In the race to be elected to Baltimore’s state legislature, the second-term incumbent Marilyn Mosby was named by her two Democratic primary challengers, Ivan Bates, according to a campaign finance report submitted late Tuesday. Not as much money as Tilvinaraja.

From January 13th to June 7th, Mosby raised $ 38,738 and spent $ 58,115. She has $ 177,827 in her hands from her previous campaign. Mosby has been charged with federal charges, and her prosecutor has charged her with two false testimonies and two mortgage frauds related to the purchase of two of her villas in Florida. Her trial is scheduled for September after the primary election on July 19.

Challengers Bates and Vinalaja enthusiastically raised money. Bates reported raising $ 449,328 during this period, and Vinalaja made more reports, claiming a donation of $ 600,784. Vignarajah’s funding is impressive given that the whole thing has been done since mid-March when he announced his candidacy.

Both men have at least twice as much cash as Mosby, but it seems that only Bates is spending a lot of money on elections. Since January 13, Bates has spent $ 221,013, almost four times that of Mosby and five times that of Vignaraja.

Most of Bates’ spending is on media purchases, billboard advertising, funding costs, and consultants. The Bates campaign paid over $ 68,000 to three different consulting firms. And most of Bates’ media spending goes to Mosaic Communications, a group of consultants in Arlington, Virginia, who produce radio ads for the campaign.

“We are in a position to win the state lawyer race,” said Bates campaign manager Nick Machado.

Of the $ 41,562 spent by the Vignarajah campaign, $ 22,000 was spent on polling. He spent an additional $ 6,778 on his sign. This includes money to wrap a privately owned, obsolete ambulance that is seen driving in the city. Vignarajah rarely struggles with local airtime and frequently appears on the Baltimore Sinclair affiliate TV station Fox45.

Reducing spending early in the race is part of the plan, Vignarajah said.

“We are running a disciplined campaign, so we have more cash on hand than we have combined both other campaigns,” he said. “The inability of other campaigns to procure or save these critical resources is an obstacle to disseminating information in this important final phase.”

Democrat Vignaraja has several well-known Republican supporters, including Governor Larry Hogan.

Both Bates and Vignarajah have borrowed over $ 150,000 in personal loans in their campaigns, and both have raised enough money to cover the loans. There are no unpaid loans in the Mosby campaign.

According to her financial reports, Mosby’s campaign spent money on computer equipment and consulting. The Mosby campaign created one video ad and did not open the campaign headquarters until Saturday. Mosby announced a bid for reelection on April 12, much later than its opponents, and increased funding last week.

The campaign spent $ 15,600 along with Quincy Gambling. Quincy Gambling is a consultant who resigned after the 2018 campaign was revealed. Faced with assault and harassment charges It was related to two separate women he dated. Gambling was indicted in the city of Baltimore, and his proceedings were active while he was working for the campaign.

Mosby’s office has appointed an external prosecutor, Stephen Kroll, of the Maryland Bar Association to handle the proceedings against gambling. In both cases, court records indicate that the indictment was either withdrawn or postponed indefinitely.

The Mosby campaign did not immediately return a request for comment on Wednesday morning’s decision to hire gambling again as a consultant. The state law firm introduced gambling questions to the campaign.

Mosby has few big donations, only two donating the largest donation under Maryland law, $ 6,000. Both donors are residents of California, one of whom, Patty Quillin, is married to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Locally, former Mayor of Baltimore and current President of the University of Baltimore, Kurt Smoke, made her largest town donation to Mosby for $ 1,500 on June 1.

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Unlike her January report, which included significant legal costs, Mosby did not spend election funds on lawyers from January to June, her latest report shows. The Maryland Election Commission has begun investigating statutory costs on $ 48,000 Mosby paid from her account in 2021. State law prohibits candidates and political commissars from using campaign funds for legal costs associated with investigations or proceedings. Candidate. “

Ultimately, the state’s election authorities It turns out that Mosby does not violate the election lawBut also warned of their decision to apply only to Mosby’s past statutory spending.

Although he joined the campaign late, Vignarajah proved to be a funding force and raised up to $ 6,000 from at least 55 donors. At least seven members of the Smith family associated with the Sinclair Broadcast Group have donated up to $ 42,000 to Vinalaja.

Restaurant owner Alex Smith and his wife Christina Ghani, founder and president of the Atlas Restaurant Group, were one of the biggest donations to Vignarajah, but also contributed to Bates early in the campaign and his biggest. I made a donation.

Vignarajah’s donors were mostly locals, but there were significant donations from California supporters. Mark H. Fukunaga, Chairman of Hawaii’s Servco Pacific, has donated up to $ 6,000, as well as trust in Fukunaga’s name.

Bates has collected the largest donations from about 40 supporters. Among them was J. Mark Schapiro, Co-Chair of Continental Realty Corporation, who donated up to $ 6,000, and other members of the Schapiro family. A Baltimore County-based real estate group has financially supported Bates in the past. Co-Chair Jack Ruetkemeier lent $ 150,000 to Bates later in his failed 2018 campaign for state lawyers.

Alex Man, a Baltimore Sun reporter, contributed to this article.

Incumbent Marilyn Mosby far behind Ivan Bates, Thiru Vignarajah in fundraising for Baltimore State’s Attorney’s race – Baltimore Sun Source link Incumbent Marilyn Mosby far behind Ivan Bates, Thiru Vignarajah in fundraising for Baltimore State’s Attorney’s race – Baltimore Sun

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