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McLean family

Elijah McLean

An independent investigation into the death of Elijah McLean by Aurora police and paramedics has been completed. Published..

An external consultant hired to carry out the investigation provided the findings to the Aurora City Government on Monday morning. The results of the initial findings came from several ongoing investigations into the incidents taking place at all levels of government.

Aurora government leader Outsourced investigation on July 20 Just as McClain’s death in 2019 attracted international attention. Following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, a widespread protest against police atrocities against blacks exploded in the summer of 2020, with dozens of protests and vigilance in the name of McLean.

The investigation included the city’s relevant policies, procedures, and practices, such as how police and firefighters interact with people, the use of force, the use of the sedative ketamine, and how the city reviews the case. The review was included.

The investigation was led by Jonathan Smith. Secretary-General of the Citizenship and Urban Affairs Commission of the Washington Bar Association.. Smith previously headed the Citizenship Division of the US Department of Justice, which investigated the police station in Ferguson, Missouri, after Michael Brown’s death.

The Aurora City Council will discuss the findings of the report at a special meeting at 5 pm on Monday.Citizens can see the meeting at Or on Aurora’s Comcast Channels 8/880.

The results of the city-initiated investigation were first published in several ongoing investigations into McLean’s death. The Colorado Attorney General’s office has asked the grand jury to investigate the case and see if the criminal accusation is justified.U.S. Department of Justice Investigate whether police infringe McLean’s civil rights..

McClain’s family also filed a federal proceeding against Aurora.

After receiving 911 calls about the suspicious person, three Aurora police officers detained McLean on August 24, 2019. When McLean refused to stop walking, police took him to the ground, suffocated him, handcuffed him, and then rescue personnel injected him with the powerful sedative ketamine.

McClain suffered cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital and was later declared brain dead. He was removed from life support on August 30, 2019. McLean was not suspected of being a crime.

A prosecutor in Adams County determined that McLean’s cause of death was unknown, and a district attorney in the 17th Judicial District determined that the three police officers who violently detained him would not be liable for criminal charges. A police review of the case revealed that the three police officers did not violate any policy and were not disciplined. Since then, both the police chief and the district attorney who made these decisions have left their position.

Independent investigation into Aurora police has been releaed Source link Independent investigation into Aurora police has been releaed

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