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Independent Missouri Senate hopeful says Trump should face criminal probe over Jan. 6 – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2022-07-01 13:04:06 –

John Wood asked Witnesses at a hearing of the US House of Representatives Election Committee on an attack on the US Capitol on January 6. // Screenshot: C-SPAN

A lawyer running as an independent US Senate in Missouri said Congressional investigations into the January 6 riots are sufficient evidence to justify a criminal investigation by former President Donald Trump by federal law enforcement agencies. It states that it showed.

Republican and former U.S. lawyer John Wood, who served as senior investigative adviser to the Election Commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol until last week, announced Wednesday: .. He was independently running for the US Senate..

Part of the motivation for participating in the race is that Missouri needs to elect a senator who is willing to support democracy itself, he said in an interview.

“Looking at people attacking the US Capitol because the Vice President is dissatisfied with not unilaterally deciding the outcome of the election, that is, a consensus on maintaining democracy in accordance with the Constitution. I lost it, “he said. “Part of living in democracy is accepting the outcome of the election, whether or not your team wins.”

The accusations still refused to accept the outcome of the 2020 elections, and the rhetoric extends to the former president, who is “really dangerous beyond the top,” Wood said.

Wood, 52, said Trump was encouraging supporters to march to the Capitol and “fight like hell” on January 6, 2021, as Congressional hearings are still ongoing. He said it was premature to say whether he believed he had committed a crime. ..

But “morally and ethically,” Wood said Mr. Trump “has a lot of responsibility.”

Wood entered the race on Wednesday as Republican leaders remained openly afraid of former Missouri Governor Eric Greatens. 21 Candidates May Win in Republican Primary For the retirement seat of Senator Roy Brandt.

Greitens was forced to resign in 2018 to avoid impeachment and resolve felony charges in the face of allegations that he committed violent sexual misconduct and stole from a veteran charity. ..

Earlier this year, his ex-wife Condemned him for spouse and child abuse..

Greatens denied all allegations of misconduct, though not under an oath.And so far, the accusations have been Doesn’t hurt his position in most polls of the race..

According to Wood, the prospect of the Greitens nomination influenced his decision to take part in the race. But he said he intends to run an independent campaign, no matter who comes out of the Republican primary. Because each of the major candidates in this area is too extreme.

“This race isn’t just about one US Senate seat,” Wood said. “I hope that when I win, a message will be sent to both major political parties across the country, not just Missouri. Divided and extreme things may help people get party nominations. Not a general election. “

To participate independently in the November ballot, Wood must submit a petition signed by 10,000 registered voters by August 1.

Former Republican US Senator John Danforth urged Wood to run for right-wing independence. Wood used to work for Danforth staff.

On Thursday, Danforth announced plans for his Super PAC, called Missouri Stand United, to spend as much as $ 20 million between now and November to support Wood’s candidacy. The PAC has already aired and has ads calling on all Missouri citizens to help independents who can help unite and heal the division of the country.

“We urge voters across Missouri to know who John is and take the first important step in favor of new ways in our politics. Petition to put John on ballot. I will sign the calligraphy, “said Danforth.

Originally from St. Louis County, Wood currently lives in Kansas City with his wife and two children.

He was a US lawyer in the Western Missouri region from 2007 to 2009, before playing several roles in the George W. Bush administration. He was working as a corporate lawyer for the American Chamber of Commerce when he resigned in September to become a senior investigative advisor to the Commission on January 6.

Wood described his ideology as “what was once considered a mainstream conservative Republican.”

“I believe in limited government, lower taxes, less government spending, less regulation, stronger law enforcement, stronger defense, and judges who interpret the law rather than make it.”

He agrees with the recent US Supreme Court ruling to overturn the constitutional right to abortion and states that he supports a near-universal ban on abortion. However, he hopes that Missouri law will be changed to include “rape, incest, and exceptions to the lives of mothers” in abortion bans.

Missouri law only allows abortions in the case of emergency medical care.

The government should not ban the use of contraception, Wood said.

According to Wood, he supported the second amendment and was in favor of a bipartisan gun safety bill recently passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in response to the genocide in an elementary school in Texas. ..

“I admire Senator Roy Blunt’s leadership and being part of a bipartisan coalition to accomplish something,” Wood said of the gun bill. “But I think it’s a tragedy that a national tragedy was needed to force action.”

Wood knows he’s facing a difficult battle running independently, but says he’s not going to spoil in the Senate race this fall. But he thinks voters are fed up with what happened to politics and are ready for something new.

“I’m still a Republican,” he said. “I’m not leaving the Republican Party. I think the Republican primary is a race to the bottom to make sure you can be the most disruptive and the most extreme. I’m running an unrelated campaign.

“So for those who supported Ronald Reagan, Jack Dunn Force, Kit Bond, Roy Blunt and John Ashcroft, that’s me,” he said. “I’m a traditional Republican and conservative.”

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