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Aurora, Colorado — An independent investigator tasked with reviewing the death of Elijah McClain Results of their review A posthumous investigation at the age of 23 was called “defective” on Monday morning.

Was an investigator Commissioned by Aurora City Council in JulyWill present the findings to the Aurora City Council on Monday at 5 pm, but city officials have decided to publish the information in advance so that the general public can see it prior to the meeting. ..

The· Investigator’s report McClain’s posthumous events turned out to be “defective” and “failed to make meaningful records.”

He continues to report that the facts bother the panel, but “it is not our responsibility to assess whether fraud has occurred, but rather that our work simply learned from the records. And it was to make policy recommendations. “

According to reports, the incident that led to McLean’s death happened immediately, but neither the person who called 911 nor the corresponding police officer confirmed that the crime had occurred.

“Within seconds of getting out of the car, police officers exerted force on Mr. McLean, who maintained it for a long time, including two attempts to hold the carotid artery,” the report said. “EMS waited about 7 minutes after arrival to interact with Mr. McLean. Their first contact was the administration of the sedative ketamine.”

McClain, 23, Died August 30, 2019, 6 days after him First encounter with the police And emergency medical care. McLean was walking home from a nearby convenience store when he reported to police that a passerby looked suspicious because he was covering his face at the time.

After McClain was arrested by police, he was accused of resisting the arrest, detained the carotid artery, and was eventually given a large dose of sedative ketamine by paramedics. He continued to have a heart attack and died six days later.

Ann Autopsy report A coroner in Adams County found that McLean’s cause of death was “undecided.”Record Previously acquired by Denver7 It was discovered that a paramedic gave McClain 500 milligrams of ketamine (the maximum dose of the drug). Multiple reviews The use of drugs by paramedics.

Review committee decided The policeman confronted McLean and acted within the department’s policy when he used the troops he went to that day.

In addition to the findings, the Independent Committee also made several recommendations to the city, including:

  • Consider policies, training and supervision regarding the use of force and arrest practices
  • Improve accountability systems, including more effective reviews by major criminal units and compulsory reviews by internal affairs
  • Clarify and enhance the individual transition from suspect to patient when EMS is called

The panel will also revisit “policies, practices, training and culture on implicit bias” to reform the current crisis intervention system, maintain EMS independence and consider options other than ketamine. He said it was necessary.

21CP Solutions, a global civil rights and security expert, will begin a comprehensive review of Aurora Police practices and will announce the results to the public and city council this spring. Mayor Jim Twombly and police chief Vanessa Wilson requested this review.

The 17th District Attorney’s Office said in a letter in November 2019: They did not intend to prosecute the officers or EMS personnel involved With the death of McLean.

“The extent and nature of the law enforcement officer’s invasion, albeit extensively, affecting Mr. McLean’s detention, was not a criminal offense in itself,” the letter said. “There is no evidence that any of the police officers attempted to injure or kill Mr. McLean. Rather, evidence is needed for them to detain him and investigate his possible criminal activity. It suggests that they have used some power to believe.

Nick Mets, chief of Aurora police at the time of the McLean incident, retired at the end of 2019 and was tentatively and then permanently replaced by Vanessa Wilson. Promise transparency and make executives accountable In the wake of the McClain incident, the department was placed under strict public scrutiny.

Earlier this month, Aurora Civil Service Committee Supported the firing Of the three executives, including one who was involved in the first encounter with McClain Scandals surrounding photography They took police officers mocking the carotid hold at McLean’s death scene and sent text messages to each other.Another officer in the photo scandal He resigned before he was fired.

There are multiple Other investigations in progress Includes a top-down review of the Aurora Police Station by the State Attorney General at the state, local, and federal levels, and an independent investigation with a Chicago-based 21CP solution. Conduct a comprehensive review Police station and reviews The Federal Attorney’s Office in Colorado, alongside the Civil Rights Department of the Department of Justice.

The city council called for an independent investigation after a former investigator hired by the city expressed concern. It did not meet their “neutral criteria”. A new team led by Jonathan Smith, Secretary-General for Citizenship and Urban Issues of the Washington Bar Association, was asked to:

  • Investigate APD behavior during response to 911 calls, on-site, and subsequent criminal investigations and internal forces reviews.
  • Investigate aurora fire rescue behavior and ketamine administration in the field
  • Create a timeline for the event
  • Confirm all facts from beginning to end of contact between APD and AFR and McClain
  • Review all relevant policies, procedures, and practices related to requesting services, contacting individuals with police, using force, requesting medical assistance, using ketamine, and reviewing administrative cases.
  • Create a written report containing city recommendations for dealing with situations that occur and recommendations based on best practices that need to guide the city in the future.

Aurora City Manager Cy Twombly said he felt it was important for the general public to see the results of the survey as soon as the city went.

“We welcomed how comprehensive and thorough the investigators have been in the last six months,” he said. “We are currently reviewing their report and look forward to hearing additional context during the presentation before further commenting. City managers will work with the mayor and city council in the coming days and weeks. We will work together to ensure that the appropriate next steps are taken. “

A virtual press conference is scheduled for Tuesday from 10:30 am to 11:00 am by Mayor Twombly, Aurora Police Chief Wilson, and Aurora Fire Chief Fernando Gray.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

Independent team say investigation into Elijah McClain’s death was ‘flawed’ Source link Independent team say investigation into Elijah McClain’s death was ‘flawed’

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