Indeterminate COVID-19 Post-Test Senator Kelly Loeffler Quarantine

U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler is quarantining after receiving various recent results Coronavirus Test, the day after she campaigned with Vice President Mike Pence and US Senator David Perdue in the state’s fiercely contested twin senator race.

Georgian Republicans underwent two quick COVID tests on Friday morning and returned negative, a spokesman for her campaign said in a statement on Saturday night.

She had another test on Friday night and the results returned to positive, the statement said. Leffler tested again on Saturday morning and the results were not definitive.

Her campaign says she has no symptoms. According to the statement, Leffler follows the CDC guidelines and notifies those with whom she has direct contact.

Pence is waiting for more definitive test results to see if he is admitted to be in “close contact” with Leffler, his spokesman said on Sunday.

“Because he is waiting for a confirmation test from Senator Leffler, Vice President Pence is in regular consultation with the White House Medical Unit, just like any other situation he is in close contact with at the CDC. We will follow the guidelines, “said spokesman Devin O’Marie.

Leffler starred in a campaign event with Pence and Padu in Georgia on Friday. She has held several rallies over the past few weeks, with crowds crowded and many audiences not wearing masks.

Leffler faces Democrat Rafael Warnock in the January 5 final vote. This is one of two races that determine which party controls the Senate.

Other races will feature Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff. The Republican Party, which has won 50 Senate seats in the new parliament, needs another seat for control. When the Democrats wipe out the spill in Georgia, 50-50 senates are born and Kamala Harris in the vice presidential election is given a tiebreaker vote to lean the Democrats.

It wasn’t immediately clear how the test would affect Loeffler’s campaigning ability, as all candidates ran a fierce campaign in just over a month before the final vote.Warnock Tweet Saturday night he was praying for her test to return negative.

Last month, two of Leffler’s staff were COVID-19 positive. At that time, Leffler’s subsequent tests returned negative, according to a statement from her office.

Indeterminate COVID-19 Post-Test Senator Kelly Loeffler Quarantine

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