India Covid-19 cases increase, vaccination accelerates

Beneficiaries will be vaccinated by medical staff during a pan-India Covid-19 vaccination drive at the Aundh District Hospital in Pune, India, on January 16, 2021.

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India reported more than 100,000 new Covid-19 cases in its third 24-hour period this week, as the most populous countries in South Asia are promoting vaccination campaigns.

There were 126,789 new cases reported on Thursday. According to government data.. More than 80% of these cases came from 10 states, including the devastated Western Province of Maharashtra, home of India’s financial capital, Mumbai.

Since the beginning of April, India has reported more than 779,000 cases, with Maharashtra accounting for more than half.

Maharashtra Local Government We have tightened restrictions, including a curfew that allows only critical services to remain open. Other states are also preemptively tightening restrictions You will be worried about the potential shortage of hospital beds and doctors.

Vaccine shortage

India’s mass inoculation campaign, which began in January, has accelerated in recent weeks. From April onwards, anyone over the age of 45 will be eligible for the shot. As of Thursday, more than 90 million vaccines have been given, according to government data.

However, according to this week’s media reports Several states, including Maharashtra, have warned that vaccines are out of stock At an important time when the number of incidents is increasing rapidly.

In response, the Indian government has accused several states, including Maharashtra, of being distracted by the lack of control over the outbreak of the virus.

“Vaccine supply is monitored in real time and the state government is informed about it on a regular basis,” said Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. Said in a statement Wednesday. “The allegations of vaccine shortage are completely unfounded.”

Need proper distribution

Serum Institute’s “stressed” production capacity

However, the Serum Institute of India, which manufactures one of the country’s two approved vaccines— AstraZeneca Shots locally known as Covishield — have a different perspective on things.

Serum Institute boss, Adar Punawara Told the Indian media The company’s production capacity is “extremely stressful.” He said vaccine makers need about $ 400 million to increase capacity by June.

He revealed to business standards that AstraZeneca had sent the Serum Institute a legal notice regarding delays in the overseas supply of vaccines. In February, Punawara said that His company was instructed Prioritizing the need for Indian vaccines, he patiently urged foreign governments.

Other manufacturers of vaccines are being used to add chips to boost production, Grelia said. He added that India could soon approve a third vaccine, Russian-made Sputnik V. It is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddies Laboratories.

India Covid-19 cases increase, vaccination accelerates

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