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Riverside, California 2021-06-23 23:51:07 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Indian Point Pier in Portland.

It is a popular fishing spot.

The pier itself is owned by the city of Portland.

The land with the pier is owned by Corpus Christi Port.


The contract signed between the two companies 30 years ago is expected to expire this year, and negotiations for a new contract are underway.

A Facebook group called “Portland Citizens United” claimed in a post that Corpus Christi Port threatened to close the pier if the Mayor of Portland did not support the port’s initiative.

Sean Strawbridge, CEO of the port, says that’s not the case.

“Our lease has been modernized. The last lease was executed 30 years ago. There have been many changes in 30 years and we have sent a new draft, the latest draft to the city of Portland. , I didn’t hear anything. They came back and the media began defamation. The negotiations are about both sides discussing. So I called their mayor and said, “You I understand that I have concerns. ” We do so. I said, “Send them in writing, and you will certainly see them,” and that’s where we are in the process.
I usually don’t get involved in these routine negotiations. When they get high in the center, I usually get involved. The process needs to work well. There is good reason to believe that it will reach an agreement with the City of Portland, and it looks like we will be happy to help. We recognize the value of Indian point peers. It was badly damaged by the storm. It does not generate income in the city. It actually costs the city. We are always ready to provide some of our resources to municipalities with limited budgets, but you can’t help those who don’t want or can’t help you. And now we are in several positions about it. I would like you to put up a sign. They don’t want a sign from Corpus Christi Port. I don’t know why. It is our property. We are here to help with that. I would like to confirm that the signboard is affixed there. We are happy to donate some additional dollars. The property is invaluable. They are reluctant to appreciate the value of property. You know that these are all politics. These are not practical issues. So I think we can get over it all. ”



“My guess is that the port is being unfairly blamed for illogical reasons. We continue to do great things for the community and the environment as usual. Last year, voters In both Nueces and San Patricio counties, the majority of them think we’re doing a pretty good job, but perhaps for some other reason, perhaps other political agendas. There are elected officials using the harbor as a tool to promote some. As far as you are talking, we will reach an agreement, but there are some things we want. . We are a fair institution. “

I personally contacted the Portland City manager several times, but he didn’t reply.

In the meantime, no timeline has been given as to when the deal will close, but a port spokesman said the debate was ongoing and “a solution is imminent.”

Indian Point Pier: Where Do Negotiations Stand? Source link Indian Point Pier: Where Do Negotiations Stand?

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