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GREENSBURG, Indiana (WRTV) — Greensburg, Indiana has a population of just under 12,000, but city leaders want it to grow quickly.

Recent reports from technology platforms Growmotely 74% of detailed experts “believe that remotework will become a new common sense.”

Greensburg is one of the dozens of cities across the United States trying to take advantage of it.

“The atmosphere in this hometown is contagious,” said Joshua Marsh, Mayor of Greensburg.

“Tree City” is the most famous tree growing from the roof of the courthouse and is willing to pay a new neighbor to plant the roots.

“”[We are looking for] Some people are interested in investing here, spending time, becoming part of nonprofits and other institutions, and enjoying the community, “says Marsh.

Offer: $ 7,000 in cash and gifts for remote workers over the age of 18 to call Greensburg home.

“We are focusing on remote individuals and high-paying income earners who live outside Indiana,” Marsh said.

If accepted, the new neighbor will receive up to $ 5,000 in moving costs, one-year membership in YMCA, literal seats during community events, and a “Grammy Tami” refund.

“We are still parents and haven’t finished loving our children,” said Tami Wenning. She and her husband, Dan, the school bus driver, are the “Grandparents on Demand.” Tami is also a Managing Director of the Decatur County Community Foundation.

Babysitters are available for couples and come to school grandparents day.

“Some people say they never trust strangers and children, but in a community of our size, everyone knows. If you’ve done anything wrong, someone Will talk to you, “Wenning said.

Growing up, Wenning said she knew how scary it was to move around the county and start over in a new location.

“I want people to come here and feel comfortable and feel like they have a family right away, at least the person who makes the call,” Wenning said.

Marsh said the “reasons” behind this incentive help diversify the workforce and raise average income levels. It is also an effort to increase the population, increase the tax base and attract new businesses to the town.

“I think it’s very important for rural Indiana communities to accept communities that don’t come from here, and I think that’s an important factor in our long-term success,” Marsh said. increase.

Tree City is starting by sponsoring five individuals. So far, Mayor Marsh said more than 800 applications have been submitted.

There is no deadline to apply to Greensburg.If you are interested, you can apply online here..

This story was originally reported by Nikki De Mentri on wrtv.com.

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