Indiana homeowner kills intruders – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2022-05-16 12:58:53 –

DeKalb County, Indiana – Indiana According to police, homeowners shot and killed two intruders, pointed guns at them until police arrived, and detained another pair.

The incident took place early Sunday morning during a burglary in DeKalb County, according to Indianapolis Police Department.

Around 6 am, four people invaded a house in 1600 blocks on State Highway 8. They are armed and confronted with homeowners who are also armed.

According to police, the homeowner fired at the suspect.

Fort Wayne’s Tavisa L. Johnson, 42, and Shaun T. Kruse, 42, were detained in DeKalb County Jail for felony murder and robbery.

State police identified the murdered individuals as Lameika Rasharon Moore, 36, of Fort Wayne and Dylan Scott Morefield, 22, of Churubusco. Autopsy was pending.

Homeowners are not facing criminal charges at this time, police said. Investigation is ongoing.

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