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Second, the deadly wave of COVID-19 infection has swept India, overwhelming its fragile health care system, and the world is seeking as much support as possible.

On Tuesday, the official Indian number of coronavirus cases exceeded 20 million and the official death toll exceeded 220,000-but these numbers are considered a serious underestimate.

The horrific virus surge left the family desperately out of a patient-filled hospital looking for ventilators, beds, and oxygen supplies for loved ones. Their plea echoes on social media and internet bulletin boards. The crematorium is almost full and operating as people die in line waiting for treatment.

But there is a light of hope.

Support and life-saving equipment is being poured from people, governments and organizations around the world who donate life-saving medical equipment and other resources to those in desperate need.

If you would like to donate to support India, here are some ways to do it:

Project HopeIs an international organization aimed at empowering healthcare professionals, working with government officials and local partners to provide hospitals and other important items that require PPE, oxygen supply, ICU equipment, ventilators and other important items. It is delivered to the clinic.
They are seeking donations to provide important medical devices to India and other parts of the world.
You can learn more about what they are doing on earth Here..
To contribute, click here..

American India Foundation Is seeking donations to provide oxygen concentrators, ventilators, portable hospital beds, and refrigeration equipment to rural areas and states in need.
For more information on their response strategies click here..
To donate click here..

Center Fordies Dynamics, Economics & Policy Is seeking help in a volunteer-led #OxygenForIndia campaign to ensure that medical oxygen reaches those who really need it most, especially those who can’t go to the hospital.
For more information on #OxygenForIndia or donations click here..

Sewa InternationalA Hindu faith-based organization based in Houston, Texas, has set up a “Saving Bharath” fundraiser to buy, acquire, and ship oxygen concentrators and ventilators to hospitals across India. (“Bharath” is another name for India in some Indian languages).
To learn more about their efforts click here..
To donate to fundraising activities click here..

UNICEFThe United Nations branch, dedicated to helping children, is focused on supporting outreach programs and services for children during the crisis. We also procure and install an oxygen evolution plant in hospitals to supply accurate COVID-19 testing machines to areas with high case rates.
You can find more information about their efforts in India Here..
You can donate Here..

Vibha Inc.Is a California-based non-profit organization that also focuses on providing resources to underprivileged children, supporting Indian ground organizations and hospitals with funding, oxygen concentrators, and PPE kits. .. They are also planning to set up a vaccination clinic.
To learn more about their efforts and donations click here..

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India’s COVID-19 crisis: How you can help, donate Source link India’s COVID-19 crisis: How you can help, donate

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