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New Delhi (AP) — Indian homemade coronavirus vaccine developer Bharat Biotech warned people with weak immunity and others on Tuesday …

New Delhi (AP) —India’s homemade coronavirus vaccine developer, Barrat Biotech, on Tuesday before receiving injections for people with weak immunity and other medical conditions such as allergies, fever, and hemorrhagic disorders. I warned you to consult a doctor. Avoid vaccines if possible.

Vaccinated people need to disclose their medical condition, the medications they are taking, and a history of allergies, the company said. Severe allergic reactions in vaccinated people include dyspnea, swelling of the face and throat, tachycardia, rash, dizziness, and weakness.

The vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech was controversial after the Government of India allowed its use without specific data showing its effectiveness in the prevention of COVID-19. Tens of thousands have been vaccinated in the last three days since India launched vaccination of healthcare workers in the world’s largest coronavirus vaccination campaign last weekend.

According to the Ministry of Health, India vaccinated 148,266 people on Monday, bringing the total to 381,305.

Indian authorities want to vaccinate 300 million people. Recipients include 30 million doctors, nurses and other front-line workers, followed by 270 million people over the age of 50 or suffering from a disease susceptible to COVID-19. I will.

India approved two emergency uses on January 4th, a vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, a UK-based pharmaceutical company, and a vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech. Regulators have taken a step without disclosing information on the effectiveness of Indian vaccines.

Bharat Biotech has not yet released data on vaccine efficacy, but states that it complies with clinical trial guidelines.

Regulators have claimed that the vaccine is safe and have given approval with the belief that it may be more effective in addressing new variants of the coronavirus found in the United Kingdom. ..

Most hospitals in India vaccinate health care workers with the AstraZeneca vaccine. However, turnout is relatively low, especially in hospitals using the Bharat Biotech vaccine, health officials said.

Many doctors are hesitant to inject at New Delhi hospitals that receive the Bharat Biotech vaccine.

The promotion of vaccination began when coronavirus infections declined sharply and much of life returned to normal.

In terms of the number of confirmed cases, India has more than 10.5 million cases after the United States. The reported death toll is more than 152,000, behind the United States and Brazil.

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India’s homegrown vaccine developer warns some to avoid shot Source link India’s homegrown vaccine developer warns some to avoid shot

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