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Indie film shot in Las Vegas, ‘Take Out Girl,’ gaining major attention at film festivals – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-29 01:55:59 –

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The film “Take Out Girl”, shot in Las Vegas, has received a lot of attention in the festival world for its storyline and versatility.

“This story comes from a very real place,” said the movie’s leading actress and co-writer Hedy Wong.

This movie reflects the actual events in Hedy Wong’s life.

As a young and naive girl, she decided to take her character, Terra, to take drastic steps to save her mother’s struggling Chinese restaurant, such as performing the errands of a local drug tycoon. Explain. All of that is inspired by real-life events.

“During that time, I experienced a lot in my life, but I didn’t feel like recreating anything anymore, so I wrote from the truth,” said Hedy Wong.

But Hedy wants people to know that she doesn’t portray this part of the story attractively. Rather, stay true to her personal experience.

She says the central purpose of the film is to connect with family, culture, and people of all levels.

“I feel like I’m adding a very necessary texture to the Asian American story being shown in Hollywood,” said Hedy Wong.

“This movie is very important to show young people in Asia all our tastes, joys and mistakes. Everything they watch over is here.”

This movie has already caught the viewer’s heart.

Las Vegas-based director Hisoni Johnson says the film has exceeded his expectations. He initially wanted to win at least one award, but he and his team are now winning nearly 20 awards and attending 40 film festivals.

It was Hisoni’s creative spirit that made it possible to shoot this film. He was able to transform part of our community into part of Los Angeles.

“I shot it here at Soulfire Dance Studio, I shot it at home and shot it down by the strip, which means, as my mom often said, don’t leave meat on your bones,” Hisonni said.

Both Hedy and Hisonni are optimistic that this movie will help viewers find that our community is more similar than different. She wants more people to come together through her story.

“It’s a family, a hope, and it highlights the struggle between immigrant families and mainstream societies,” Hedy said. “They speak different languages ​​and the food may smell different, but it’s the same when we cry and laugh at the end of the day. It’s all the same.”

You can watch “Take Out Girl” on Amazon Streaming, iTunes, etc.

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