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Washington, District of Columbia 2021-03-11 12:41:20 –

The coronavirus crisis has brought racial and ethnic inequality to health care that has been incorporated into policies and practices for generations.

COVID-19 has hope in the form of a vaccine.But as News4 prepares Annual Health & Fitness Expo This month we’ll look at the issue of shots not disappearing.

News4’s next “Inequality in America” ​​special will air on Saturday at 9:30 am to examine how race and ethnicity affect healthcare outcomes.

When COVID-19 attacked their bodies, black Americans also dealt with the stress and trauma caused by the country’s racial calculations. Doreen Gentsler looks at a twin pandemic for mental health care and the color community.

In about a minute and a half, DC cardiologist Dr. Reginald Robinson explained what health inequalities are and how to deal with them. “Transportation, housing, security, police-all of these factors play a role in causing cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses. At a city press conference on the coronavirus pandemic, he said Wednesday.

“Today Show” anchor Craig Melvin talks to Cory Smith about colorectal cancer and significantly higher mortality in black men and women.

I will talk about uterine fibroids. According to one study, black women are diagnosed about three times as often as white women.

Mortality from colorectal cancer in black men and women is significantly higher than anyone else. Today’s show anchor Craig Melvin says it’s mainly due to less screening.

Jummy Olabanji looks at maternal mortality rates for black women and how local doctors are working to help.

And Tracee Wilkins looks at the nutrition and chronic kidney disease that African Americans are suffering from disproportionately.

Previous “American Inequality” specials have explored the crossroads of voting rights, police atrocities, sports and racism.

Soccer is called a “beautiful game”, but in some places it has the ugly side of the players working together. Justin Finch of News4 told DC United goalkeeper Bill Hamid how he is leading the way in this effort in a special broadcast of “American Inequality” on Thursday, December 24, 2020. ..

News4 anchor Aaron Gil Christo led the debate about how racism, police, and Black Lives Matter became a movement. Take a look at the whole here.

‘Inequality in America’ Special to Examine Health Care Disparities – NBC4 Washington Source link ‘Inequality in America’ Special to Examine Health Care Disparities – NBC4 Washington

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