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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-30 15:36:57 –

Washington DC — The US Senate went one step further on Friday and passed a comprehensive bipartisan infrastructure agreement.

The Senator cast 66-28 votes on the motion to continue. This is an important procedural step that ultimately opens the fix process.

With the support of at least 16 or 17 Republican senators, the law will increase funding for transportation projects, mass transit and broadband over the next few years.

The law includes about $ 550 billion worth of new funding.

long way to go

The Senate could pass the bill next week, but it’s still far from President Joe Biden’s desk. Expected weekend work in the Senate.

As of Friday afternoon, the actual text of the law had not been published. It is estimated to be over 2,000 pages.

With this bill, the devil is in the details of many conservative members of the House and vows to scrutinize it before everyone votes for or against.

Don’t forget about the house

The Senate has received the most attention because of how complex the Chamber of Commerce is when it comes to passing the bill, but the House of Representatives needs to vote on the bill before heading to the White House.

Earlier this week, Chair Nancy Pelosi was asked to comment, “We haven’t seen it. You’re asking me to comment on something we’ve never seen. We’re it. We want the best. “”

If Pelosi feels a little uneasy, it’s because some of her members want to be included in the bill negotiations. Pelosi loses only a handful of representatives, assuming all Republicans voted against it, and can still afford to pass it.

Progressive corcus in the house is one group in particular that is withholding support for the time being.

They want the Senate to go through a separate spending measure worth trillions of dollars before voting for bipartisan transport transactions.

The trillion-dollar law is written to go through a Senate settlement process that requires only Democratic votes.

“Votes from Congressional Progressive Corcus members are not guaranteed until the details are considered, and until the settlement bill is agreed and passed with well-funded priorities,” a recent statement said.

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