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Washington — President Joe Biden signs a bipartisan $ 1 trillion infrastructure contract His latest leap into the Senate’s up-and-down efforts to boost roads, railroads and other public works projects It is even more at stake than it is.

The consequences of infrastructure negotiations, which have been hit by obstacles over the weeks, affect what could be the best jewel of his legacy. It is his hope for the subsequent $ 3.5 trillion federal injection for family education and health care, the expansion of Medicare, and efforts to curb climate change.

Biden and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y. Needs moderate and progressive support from all Democrats to push the $ 3.5 trillion bill to the 50-50 Senate in a tie-breaking vote by Vice President Kamala Harris. If infrastructure talks collapse, it can be difficult for moderates who rank projects as a top priority to support the $ 3.5 trillion follow-up plan. And companies.

“If the bipartisan infrastructure bill collapses, everything will collapse,” West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, one of the most conservative Democrats in his chamber of commerce, told reporters this week. I warned.

It could prove exaggeration, as moderates like him face great pressure to support the $ 3.5 trillion package from Biden, Schumer, etc., whatever the fate of the bipartisan plan. .. But it does show the balancing act between centrism and progressiveism that top Democrats must face.

“If infrastructure collapses, it will be difficult to detain parts of the Democratic Party,” Maryland’s second legislator, Steny Hoyer, said Tuesday. interview. The leader can lose up to three Democrats to win in the House of Representatives with 435 members.

Both sides of the talks expressed new optimism on the outlook for the deal on Tuesday. This is a previously expressed view with no results. Uncertainty emphasized that while Democrats are at a promising but volatile point on their agenda and they seem too big to fail, failure is still possible.

Biden met at the White House on Tuesday with Senator Kyrsten Cinema of Arizona, a leader of medium-sized Democrats who have been working to sign an infrastructure contract with Republican Senator. The president also convinces lawmakers, “There are no democratic roads or Republican bridges. We believe that infrastructure will affect us all and we must come together to find a solution.” I used some tweets for.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Biden and Cinema were “very in line with each other,” optimistically, but the president said the deal was “a new deadline.” Has not been set. ” Schumer wants a Senate vote on the package before sending lawmakers home for the August recess, but some target days to reach an agreement have passed.

Cinema is a centrist who alienated some Democrats who thought she was unpredictable.

To explain that, D-Ore Rep. Peter Defazio told Senator Democrats Tuesday that the infrastructure deal that Senator is about to complete is “crap.” He also said the bill was drafted by “three Republicans” and nominated Senator Rob Portman, Senator R-Ohio, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Senator Cinema. rice field.

Moderate Democrats have long made infrastructure trading a top priority. In addition to the transpartisan nature of such an agreement, the meat and potato spending it would bring home set their goals beyond separate $ 3.5 trillion measurements for family and environmental programs. rice field.

If infrastructure negotiations fail, they will take a moderate win, and if they do, they are more likely to make concessions with a $ 3.5 trillion measure. The collapse could also trigger a new internal democratic battle over how much infrastructure spending will be transferred to huge domestic spending plans and how it will affect its overall price tag. I have.

Even Republicans are arguing about what the failure of bipartisan talks means, as both parties are looking to infrastructure measures and the 2022 elections, when House and Senate control is fully functional. It is divided.

Some Republicans pass the $ 3.5 trillion bill as approval of bipartisan infrastructure plans increases the tendency of moderate Democrats to work with colleagues on subsequent more costly bills. I’m worried that it might help.

They also said that supporting infrastructure measures would allow Democrats to share responsibility with Republicans if inflation and other economic problems settle in large federal spending programs. increase.

Infrastructure talks leave Biden’s entire agenda at risk – The Denver Post Source link Infrastructure talks leave Biden’s entire agenda at risk – The Denver Post

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