Injured bystander sues suspected shooter in Tulsa homicide – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2022-06-27 18:27:06 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma — An innocent bystander caught in the midst of a gunshot is suing a suspected archer.

Anthony Allen Accused of killing another man on QuikTrip I left Gilcrease Museum Road about a week ago. Juan Darin Bailey was shot with her right foot while in her store.

“Just saying that I was shot is very unrealistic to me,” Bailey said. “I am a victim of gun violence.”

On Father’s Day, Bailey says he feels sick and went to QuikTrip for ginger ale. She says she also bought food and coffee for a nearby homeless man because of her kindness, but after serving him that meal, she saw two men fighting with their fists. Immediately after seeing it, I returned to the store.

“I was standing on the edge of the counter. I looked up at the clerk and said that you need to get your safety because they are fighting. Bullets, gunshots started to ring and I Said at the latest. “

Then she shocked her right foot, felt warm and looked down at her bleeding foot, but couldn’t tell if she was shot or had glass in her foot.

“I didn’t really know it was a bullet until the ER shot the X-ray. He said the bullet was sandwiched between my second toe and my second toe.” She said.

With the bullet still there, she went to a doctor and an expert to figure out what to do.

The arrest affidavit states that Allen, suspected of being a shooter, had the victim Desmond Cusino’s “AR pistol” because he could not have it as a convicted serious offender. I am saying. It is written that they met at a gas station so that Allen could return his gun to Kausino. Police say Kausino tried to hijack Allen after he had a gun. The affidavit says they struggled over the gun and Allen regained it. When Kausino escaped from the car, Allen chased him and said he shot him many times.

“Because Mrs. Bailey wasn’t close to the scene of the quarrel and she was injured, he’s clearly paying attention to how he’s shooting and who he’s shooting,” said Steve Hickman, a lawyer representing Bailey. I didn’t. “

Bailey says he is grateful that he was not injured or even killed during the shooting.

“I could easily have died lying in the store. One of the police officers told me that my random kind behavior towards the homeless man might have saved my life. Told.”

The doctor will continue to monitor Bailey’s feet and bullets inside for two months, deciding whether to leave or remove them. She says she wants to be compensated for some of her medical expenses by filing her proceedings.

Currently, they are waiting for the defendant to respond to the proceedings.

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