Inquiries about Parliamentary riots: FBI challenge has just begun

The Oath Keeper case can be a model that advances more complex cases. Criminal accusations show that investigators have adopted a variety of techniques in tracking and prosecuting defendants: Thomas E. Caldwell, Donobankraul, Jessica Watkins. Caldwell said he would fight the indictment at this week’s hearing. Mr. Crow and Mr. Watkins have not yet appeared in court to respond to the complaint.

Agents in their case examined video footage of the Capitol looking for badges or insignia, suggesting that the three accused militia members were part of the same group. They looked at social media accounts on platforms like Parlor and showed that the three were not only in the building, but planned to be there in advance. I then got a voice recording of Watkins talking to someone suspected of being Zello’s Oath Keepers, a push-to-talk mobile app that acts like a walkie-talkie.

Investigators also analyzed location data from mobile phones registered with Caldwell’s wife and determined that it was near the Capitol at the time of the attack. Caldwell had no apparent connection with others, so the agent followed up the lead in a more archaic way.

While searching for Watkins’s home in Ohio, they persuaded one of her friends to tell them that Watkins provided the phone number of a fellow vow keeper with whom he was with after the attack. did. The FBI was able to identify the number connected to the cell phone registered with Mr. Caldwell’s wife.

On Thursday, the FBI announced a reward of up to $ 75,000 for information about people linked to what appears to be a pipe bomb planted at Republican and Democratic headquarters, making it the most serious actor in the Capitol attack. National Commission has shown that it is actively tracking. The breaking news showed a grainy photo of a person walking down the street and carrying a backpack, wearing a white mask, black gloves, and a hooded sweatshirt.

The Parliamentary investigation is a huge undertaking, all explained, using the efforts of hundreds of agents and prosecutors from all over the country. As the investigation shifts to more complex billing, investigators begin to use techniques such as creating warrants to search people’s email accounts and breaking into online chat rooms that are frequently visited by militants. , It is expected to be more troublesome and widespread.

At this point, the only other conspiracy case resulting from the riot was filed against Nashville bartender Eric Manchel, who invaded the Capitol with his mother, court documents said. Meeting. In a new court document filed Wednesday night, prosecutors said Mr. Manchel encountered several members of the pledge keeper at the Capitol, one of whom said to him, “65 of us are coming.” Said said.

Inquiries about Parliamentary riots: FBI challenge has just begun

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