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NSOr for most of the last two decades, the New England Patriots dynasty has dominated the NFL. The Patriots machine was agitated until Tom Brady joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 among nine Super Bowl appearances, multiple scandals, global superstar quarterbacks and coaching wizards.

The historic operation of the organization has resulted in an infinite amount of reports, yet a mysterious cloud has always existed. ESPN Senior Writer Seth Wickersham, who has covered Brady and the company since the early 2000s, gives details of the deepest Patz dynasty to date in his debut novel. Better to be afraid..

The Guardian caught up with Wickersham and talked about what he learned in the book’s report, the evolution of the division between Brady and Belichick, and Brady’s happy world in Tampa.

It’s good to be afraid, full of anecdotes from start to finish. How difficult was it to get into the Patriots machine?

I think it’s difficult to join any team, even a simple team like the Cleveland Browns. However, I think Brady’s relationship with the team has changed a bit since 2017 after playing the Falcons in the Super Bowl. Tom began to challenge something different from the Patriots quarterback. He came out with his book, TB12 method, He did a Tom vs. Time documentary that the Patriots had only nominal recognition. And he began to diverge himself as a cultural entity as well as a team.

At the same time, you had Belichick invest deeply in Jimmy Garoppolo.You banned belichick [Brady’s business partner] Alex Guerrero of the building.So They had that tough Super Bowl loss They launched a 600-yard attack and did not punt. At the same time, Brady wanted a contract to guarantee him until the age of 45. And when the off-season began, Brady was separated from the team. He was the NFL’s only starting quarterback, skipping all voluntary training. For a long time I didn’t know if he wanted to join the team. So, starting after the Falcons Super Bowl, Tom’s circle has always had people who can ask for information and people in the Patriots. That’s when it’s a little easier to get inside those different camps before they’re more united.

Especially in the early days, I had a lot of access to Brady. And you really got into the spirit of his flowering fame in the book. How do you think Brady treated a growing celebrity?

Generally speaking, he didn’t break it, so I think he handled it incredibly well. He was not shy as a celebrity. He usually experienced American fame when he arrived, but it was warp speed and had little time to think, process, or consider anything. It was part of a book I really enjoyed, touching him at the time, and looking back at those moments from where he is now. He almost transcends celebrities, world-class figures and brands, and one of these people is a top-notch figure.

[Brady’s] The adjustment to it was interesting. But that doesn’t mean it was easy. One of my favorite anecdotes in this book is in 2003, when Brady called Michigan counselor Greg Harden, whining about everything he couldn’t do because he was so famous. Harden begins to laugh at him. And Harden, in other words, “You want to be the best in what you’re doing, you deal with these other things. You see, by picking up the phone and talking for five minutes, your child’s life You can change it. You are a hot cookie now and it won’t last forever, so do so. ”Of course, after all, he was a hot cookie for 20 years.

In this book, you say, Patriot Way is described by others as (1) the pursuit of emotionless victory, (2) the spirit of team first, and (3) arrogance. Which do you think was the most active during the dynasty?

I’m not really thinking about anything, and looking at how it ended, I don’t think there was a Patriot Way. Only two very special people, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, have been together for a really long time and have accomplished something unprecedented. It was over when they did. There may be a jet wash of it in the way they do business now, but it’s a reflection of the times rather than a culture, and I think that’s what we’ve learned in the grace of time.

You elaborate on the use of Belichick’s psychological warfare in his teaching. Which of his enemies do you think was the most affected?

I probably have to say [Former Rams coach] Mike Marts as it happened on the biggest stage of the game [at Super Bowl XXXVI] And Bill is a master of understanding the psychological impulses of the other person about how comfortable he is in an introverted yet awkward silence, and figuring out how to return him to his most essential self. He used it against the Patriots because he knew that when he entered the Super Bowl, Marts would throw the ball and wouldn’t call for running play. It wasn’t the first time he did it, but I think it was the most impressive time as the Patriots shouldn’t have won the game. They were playing on artificial turf against one of the fastest teams in history, the greatest attack ever. Then Bill created a game plan that Rams didn’t answer, so he figured out how to win. I had to change who in the middle of the game to change it, and I didn’t know how to change it until it was too late after the game was over.

Tom Brady won the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay after leaving New England. Photo: Stephen Senne / AP

We’ll also elaborate on how tough both Brady and Belichick were for fellow coaches and players. As a rule, do you think the average player likes to play in New England?

It’s like a writer, you say, “Do you like writing?” And you say: “No, but I like writing.”

I think they like playing in New England, but when they are there they are working hard. They are under a lot of pressure and scrutiny. The loss there takes a completely different dimension. The reaction between Belichick and Brady who lost is very large, almost atmospheric. They are also often not paid at the highest amount. One of the things Belichick can do with Brady is to keep people’s salaries a little lower than players think. So they often go elsewhere where they don’t have to deal with a lot of junk. So, when players look back on their time in New England, there are some pros and cons, but they understood that they were all part of a program designed for victory.

As you mentioned earlier, the road Brady-Belichick farewell has been working for some time. The team never committed for more than two years, and Brady wasn’t given the roster input he coveted. Want to give information to Brady? Didn’t he win it?

Alex Guerrero came out and said Bill didn’t evolve with Brady. I don’t think it’s pretty fair as Belichick has evolved. Everyone knew that Tom Brady was more than just a man. But I think there was a sense of how much Tom Brady could have an impact on the entire organization. At one point, he told Joe Montana: I give them it and they go to do their own thing. “

Only things are different in Tampa. The book has an anecdote that Bruce Arians is pitching Brady when he comes to Bucks, he always gives quarterbacks a lot of generosity in what he does with attacks, and “and you Tom.・ It’s Brady. ” He made it very clear. And finally, one must wonder when the head coach of the football team gave Tom Brady such verification and status.

Is Brady having more fun with Tampa?

It certainly looks like it. In Tampa, he is a quarterback. He is also a de facto attack coordinator and a pseudo-personnel officer. His business partner Alex Guerrero not only has been reduced by Belichick in New England, but also has an office in Tampa, but also has a Super Bowl Ring. So they definitely seem more willing to accept Tom Brady and everything that comes with it than New England.

What surprised you most about your team and key players as you wrote this book?

I think one of the most interesting things to keep in mind is how difficult it is. The 10-year gap was when they didn’t win the Super Bowl, but they were very close. They were very close to winning more Super Bowls, but just short, Brady and Belichick may have reassessed their belief system and worked better than previous quarterbacks and coaches. The fact that they challenged these patterns improves their last tenth percent of what they were still looking for.

You’ll see that happening later in the 2015 Baltimore Ravens playoff game book. They are down with two touchdowns in the third quarter.. Ravens are not afraid of them. They look like another wasted year to go home early this year, but Belichick is preparing for this moment and knows they may need something unpredictable. I did.And he announced them Two funky formations – The “Bolchmore” and “Ravens” formations are back in the game in just a few minutes. I think it was these decisions that contributed significantly to the rekindling of the dynasty.

What is the main story other than the Mountains of the Super Bowl when this dynasty is reflected, for example, in 50 years?

longevity. I haven’t written around the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a branch of two incredibly driven people and two radicals in this superbly unhealthy world of professional football. In fact, these people could have left at any time without compromising their health, wealth, and heritage, but they still ignore all those off-lamps and continue. Even today they keep going and they move the goalposts every time they show you when they’re leaving.

Better to be afraid: New England Patriots dynasty and pursuit of greatness Currently available..

Inside the Patriots Victory Machine: “The Super Bowl is a sect of two radicals” | New England Patriots

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