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Ashland City, Tennessee (WTVF) — An elementary school keeper in Tennessee completed his childhood dreams and published a book with his teacher.

“I met Deona, the co-author of this book, and for some reason we just clicked. She’s my best friend here. You know, I don’t know, I don’t know what I know, “I must have her.”

When Lewis entered school in 2018, he didn’t expect to be the author of “The Chronicles of the Nine Islands: The Widow of the Lost Dragon and Elamer.”

At that time he said he was in a dark place.

“My dad died in 2016 and it was harder than I expected. I went home. Being here saved my life,” Lewis said.

Pre-kindergarten Dr. Deona Ray said he saw him in the cafeteria. And he will start telling a story to me. “

Those short stories turned into sharing his own story with Ray, who formed a life-changing friendship.

Claire Kopsky

Paul Lewis Jr., admin of the East Cheatham Elementary School. And Pre-K Teacher Deona Ray have the first book published. Nine Isles Chronicles: The Widows of the Lost Dragon and Elamer, A character story inspired by school teachers and staff.

Lewis said he started writing at the age of 11 and wrote part of the novel throughout his life.

“I lost interest and got a writer’s block, and it goes on for years, until I get here,” he explained. “I actually tried to publish with 5 different publishers and 5 agents, but declined all 5”.

He said the defeat was catastrophic for many years.

“You forget how to be a kid, you forget. You sometimes lose your imagination. This place [East Cheatham Elementary] I actually did the opposite for me. It brought my imagination back to me, “he said.

Through storytelling in the cafeteria, Ray said he gave Lewis nudge like a student.

“They need very little [nudge], To do that.And that’s what Paul needed [to] I’ll do it. “

“I pulled it out and Deona said,” Is it fun to put something in this time? ” It’s like “No, I’m going to the original idea”. She goes, “Put a dragon in it.”

The conversation they passed quickly became the entire book.

“We’re actually working together, at the time she comes in, and working on ice cream. I say it’s okay.” This is the scene I want to do. We need to have a dialogue. There is. “And we have a dialogue and speak like Richter. She speaks like a dragon. And when I’m done, I’ll go home and work on it. “

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Claire Kopsky

Paul Lewis Jr., the caretaker of East Chisam Elementary School, is known for drawing and joking throughout the school that forms relationships with students.

“Everything I do in a book, she [Ray] Use a fine comb to examine every conversation between all the characters and make sure the characters behave as I wrote. Lewis said, “Be careful not to get them on track, and try to make the dragon as polite as possible, and at the same time maintain her cheekyness that the dragon is her. Between. Without her, the dragon wouldn’t exist. She gives the dragon personality, sus, jokes, and humor, it’s all there. “

Ray isn’t the only staff member in this book.

“The cafeteria women they are in the book. They are actually fateful sisters,” said the school nurse and some teachers also the books currently in the school library for students to check out. Lewis said he had a part of it.

“The kids couldn’t get any more enthusiastic,” Lewis said. “Always,’Mr. Paul, your book isn’t in the library. Can you get a little more? Can you get a little more?'”

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Claire Kopsky

The first published book of Paul Lewis Jr., the caretaker of East Chee Sam Elementary School, Nine Isles Chronicles: The Widows of the Lost Dragon and Elamer, A character story inspired by school teachers and staff.

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