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Portland, Oregon 2021-09-17 07:22:05 –

(((NewsNation Now) — Facebook’s Instagram chief has been attacked after comparing the negative effects of social media with cars.

“Cars have positive and negative consequences,” said Adam Moselli. Media Podcast Recoding.. “We know that car accidents kill more people than any other way, but in general, cars create far more value in the world than they destroy, and social. I think the media is the same. “

A few days after Facebook approves There was data At least a quarter of the youngest users show that Instagram exacerbates feelings of low self-esteem and poor body image. Critics say the company should have used that data to make positive changes.

At least three senators have written to the company asking them to rethink their future Instagram for kids platform.

There are several, including host Heather Gardner, a divided state in the United States that Senators believe they should do more.

“being insufficient [social media] “Federal and state regulation,” Gardner said Thursday in a NewsNation Donron report. “So compare [social media to cars] Definitely not apples. “

The effects on children can be long-lasting. Dr. Catherine Coolman, an Arizona psychologist, said one of the things that is supposed to help children grow up can be adversely affected by social media.

“The brains of adolescents and children are elastic and perfect for learning, which means they are a kind of sponge and can absorb things,” Kuhlman said with NewsNation’s Leland Vittert. I mentioned the balance of. “But that means they are much more vulnerable and vulnerable to this kind of operation.”

The problem is dopamine, which the brain releases as a kind of hedonic chemical.

“We need to help educate teens about how these platforms are set up,” Dr. Wendy Dickinson said on-balance sheet. “They are designed to be addictive. Every time something refreshes, or you get something else, you get a dopamine hit and it’s you back It will cause it to come. “

Earlier this week, when asked to comment on the data we collected, Facebook Pointed out a blog post Even if they try to understand the numbers, they say it’s proof that the company cares about its users.

It uses a different wording than Moseri, but the basic message from the company is similar.

“The question of many people’s minds is whether social media is good or bad for people. Research on this is mixed. It can be both,” he says.

Instagram chief faces criticism after comparing social media to cars Source link Instagram chief faces criticism after comparing social media to cars

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