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Instagram harmful to teen girls’ mental health – Kansas City, Missouri

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Instagram will make changes after reports reveal how the app affects the mental health of teenage girls.

according to The Wall Street JournalFacebook, which owns Instagram, is investigating how the app affects young users.

Researchers have found that about one-third of teenage girls using the app feel sick on their bodies and Instagram feels sick.

Instagram says it’s looking at ways to discourage users from focusing on their appearance. One option we’re considering is to encourage users to view different topics as they repeatedly view content related to their appearance.

The Facebook survey is not the first survey to investigate the mental health of teens using social media. Jean Twenge began investigating how social media affected young people in 2012. Around that time, smartphones became commonplace.

Her research correlates with other research that proves that the longer a user spends online, the more likely they are to be depressed and suicidal ideation.

With smartphones, people of all ages and genders are spending more time online. However, teenage girls are particularly vulnerable to the negative emotions posed by social media.

“Instagram allows you to see how many likes and followers you have, so you can count your popularity,” Twenge said. “We are quantifying the popularity of teenage girls in a way never seen before.”

Teenage girls tend to spend more time on social media than teenage boys.

Young people tend to use multiple social media apps, but researchers say Instagram is different because it revolves around images.

“Instagram emphasizes beautiful pictures, often beautiful pictures of beautiful bodies, so it will be the platform on which you will focus most on body image, and it can be quite problematic. “Twenge said.

According to Twenge, parents can use parent controls on both Apple and Android phones to set time limits on Instagram apps and prevent teens from using the app until they reach a certain age. You can limit it.

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