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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-07-30 19:13:50 –

Tijuana (Border report) — In the near future, the waves of the Pacific Ocean will overlap and bounce off a brand new mural that has risen to the south of the Tijuana-San Diego border barrier.

It took the artist a month to complete the Millipede Tijuana mural project

It features the faces and stories of 15 individuals deported from the United States

The concept was the idea of ​​Lisbeth de la Cruz as part of a study to earn a PhD from the University of California, Davis (near Sacramento).

De La Cruz said the idea began when he first visited the region in 2016 and saw other artwork at border barriers, “using art as a tool to enter the United States as a minor. Immigrants. ”

Her completed project will portray far more than deported minors, but toddler mothers and US military veterinarians.

Lisbeth de la Cruz is the director of the Playas de Tijuana Mural Project (courtesy of Lisbeth de la Cruz)

“Borders separate families, but make it impossible for them to even see each other,” said Delacruz. “This is one of the best ways to ethically teach people about deportation and focus on the human side of migration.”

One of the characters in the mural is Issac Rivera, who was brought to San Diego from Oaxaca, Mexico at the age of six.

“They encountered a checkpoint while cleaning records, going to school and going to church with the minister on Sunday,” said Delacruz, a border guard agent detaining Rivera at an unspecified time. Instead of detaining him, he was deported and found himself in the city of Tijuana, a place he had never been to.

That was many years ago.

“He didn’t have a family, all his brothers and his parents were in the United States … he was basically homeless, he was shocked because he really couldn’t even speak Spanish, after all in the park I slept on the bench, “said Delacruz.

Rivera reportedly never met her parents again.

Issac Rivera is one of the 15 exiles featured in the Millipede Tijuana Mural Project. (Courtesy: Millipede Tijuana Mural Project)

“They couldn’t visit him because they weren’t documented either, and both his mother and father died of COVID,” she said.

The mural will be officially announced on Saturday.

“It has components that make people approach murals, and if you stand nearby, you can put your phone on a video or website that tells them their story,” says Delacruz. I did.

That information is shared through a quick response code placed next to the portrait that is part of the artwork.

“This is a unique place to paint. There are elements of summer weather, water and warm temperatures,” said Delacruz. “The tide is pretty strong and may look different, but when you go underwater, you feel like you’re drawn into the ocean. You’re just painting, but you have to leave yourself to border barriers. not.”

The project cost about $ 10,000 and was covered by a grant received by De La Cruz.

Interactive border-wall mural offers glimpse into lives of deported migrants Source link Interactive border-wall mural offers glimpse into lives of deported migrants

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