Interactive Brokers Offers Cryptocurrency Trading By Late Summer

In the illustration in this photo, you can see the Interactive Brokers logo displayed on your smartphone.

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Interactive Brokers It is considered an electronic broker with the most sophisticated customer base.

“Customers certainly want [crypto trading] We look forward to delivering them by the end of the summer, “said Thomas Peterffy, Chairman and CEO of Interactive Brokers, at Piper Sandler Global Exchange & FinTech. Speaking at the conference.

In 2021, both individual and institutional investors invested in Bitcoin and other digital assets. Bitcoin prices surged from $ 9,000 in June 2020 to over $ 34,000.Elon Mask and Investors Take excessive risk..

Bitcoin prices rose 6% to the $ 34,890 level on Wednesday after falling on Tuesday. Targeted colonial pipeline..

Interactive Brokers currently offers the following deals: Bitcoin futures on the platform..

Rival brokers Fidelity and Charles Schwab do not offer cryptocurrency trading directly on the platform, but they do provide access to related funds. However, the stock trading app Robinhood offers cryptocurrency trading.

Coinbase Global — The world’s largest crypto exchange — The number of investors accessing digital assets. Total turnover in the first quarter of 2020 was approximately $ 30 billion. First sales rating on Wall Street from Raymond James Wednesday about concerns about competition with traditional brokerage firms.

“Currently, most of the company’s revenue comes from transaction fees, and many times, brokerage firms and exchanges have shown that excess profits compete unless there are structural barriers to entry. “.

Interactive Brokers, which offers Bitcoin trading, will further lower the barriers to entry for retail investors to access digital assets. However, unregulated coins can pose a security risk to established online brokers.

“When it comes to hurdles, the biggest hurdle is how to keep our customers 100% safe,” Peterffy added. “How can I be 100% sure that no one will steal coins, even though they are untraceable? You can learn more about this when you open in late summer. I will. “

As of the first quarter of 2021, Interactive Brokers had 1.33 million customer accounts and $ 330.6 billion in customer assets.

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Interactive Brokers Offers Cryptocurrency Trading By Late Summer

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