Interfaith community collects supplies for Afghan refugees – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-09-11 11:42:40 –

Nashville, Tennessee — To show and promote unity, the Islamic Center in Nashville and Congregation Mika are collecting items for Afghan refugees on Saturday.

The organizers said on the 9/11 anniversary that it was an opportunity to show that we would be stronger by working together and that as a country we need to continue to work together for the public good. ..

Churches, synagogues and mosques within the Multi-Faith Neighbors Network across the country drop supplies at local mosques all day long.

The supply box is for men, women and children, contains a variety of personal belongings and is delivered to refugees evacuated to the United States.

The Islamic Center in Nashville said our city would accept Afghan refugees.

We collect soaps, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, as well as children’s coloring books, stuffed animals, and crayons.

People helping organize the event say they come from a country with a lot of religious and political conflict and want Afghan refugees to feel well cared for by people of all backgrounds. increase.

“This is not just an effort by the Islamic Center, but by a multi-religious community, a community of pagans.” Imam Osama Barruul said, “We are all working together. This is me. It’s a good way to see what we’ve learned. Let’s work together and learn to create a better future for everyone. ”

Supplies can be unloaded at the Islamic Center in Nashville, 515 12th Ave. S., from 11 am to 5 pm. Learn more about what you need.

Interfaith community collects supplies for Afghan refugees Source link Interfaith community collects supplies for Afghan refugees

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