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Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-02-23 08:23:12 –

Native Americans see Harland’s nomination as the best opportunity to move from consultations on tribal issues to consent and put more land in the hands of tribal nations, either entirely or through stewardship agreements. The Ministry of Interior oversees a wide range of tribal issues and energy development.

“The historical nature of my confirmation has not been lost to me, but I say it is not about me,” Harland said in a prepared testimony. “Rather, I hope this nomination will be an inspiration for Americans-as a country moving forward together, we will create opportunities for all of us.”

As the daughter of a woman in Pueblo, Harland says she learned early to value hard work. Her mother was a veteran of the Navy and worked for a quarter of a century at the Indian Department of Education, an agency of the Interior Ministry. Her father was a Marine who served in Vietnam. He received the Silver Star and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

“As a military family, I moved every few years as a kid, but wherever I live, my dad taught me and my brothers to appreciate nature, whether on mountain roads or on the beach. He gave me, “Harland said. ..

A future member of the House of Representatives spent the summer with his grandparents in the village of Mesita, Laguna Pueblo. “I learned the importance of water and the conservation of resources in a cornfield with my grandfather and paid a deep respect to the planet,” she said.

Harland promised to lead the Home Office with honor and integrity, saying he would be “an ardent supporter of our public land.”

She listened to and cooperated with Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, promising to ensure that the Interior Ministry’s decisions were science-based. She also vowed to “respect the sovereignty of tribal nations and recognize their role in American stories.”

She fully understands the role the Home Office should play in Biden’s “better buildback” program on infrastructure and clean energy, “so that we can work, live and continue hunting. He said he would strive to conserve natural resources for future generations. Fish, and pray among them. “

Haalland’s nomination aroused strong opposition from some Republicans that her “radical ideas” did not fit into the lifestyle of the western countryside in particular. They expressed her support for the Moratorium (not applicable to tribal lands) on oil and gas drilling in the recent federal areas of the Green New Deal and Byden, and her opposition to hydraulic fracturing and the Keystone XL oil pipeline. I am quoting.

Senator Steve Danes, R-Mont. Haalland said he needed to convince him that he was ready to break away from her “radical view” as a member of parliament, including opposition to the oil industry and the removal of federal protection for grizzly bears. ..

“Her record speaks for itself. She’s a stubborn, far-left ideology,” Danes said in an interview.

Some Native American supporters called Harland’s description “radical” as a loaded reference to her tribal status.

“That kind of language is a kind of dog whistle for certain people who see someone who is an indigenous woman potentially in power,” said Ta’jin Perez of the group Western Native Voice. “Forks are afraid of change to some extent.”

In his remarks, Danes called the concept of racial overtones ridiculous.

He is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Commission and will consider Harland’s nomination at a hearing on Tuesday. Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.), Chairman of the Panel, has not said how to vote for the Democratic-popular Harland nomination. Moderate Manchin said he would oppose Biden’s choice of budget director, Neera Tanden.

National civil rights groups are working with tribal leaders and environmental groups to support Harland. A joint statement by the NAACP, UnidosUS, and the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum praised her nomination as “historic” and called Harland a “proven defender of civil rights / racial justice.”

A letter signed by nearly 500 national and regional organizations representing Native Americans, environmental justice groups and outdoor companies described Harland as “climate, biodiversity, extinction, and the COVID-19 crisis, in federal public lands and waters. Racial justice inequality. “


Matthew Brown, Associated Press writer in Billings, Montana, contributed to this report.

Interior nominee Haaland vows ‘balance’ on energy, climate Source link Interior nominee Haaland vows ‘balance’ on energy, climate

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