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Phoenix, Arizona – Long time Fox news Emmy Award-winning Anchor Kali Lake talked about faith, media bias, and her governor’s plans in an interview Arizona Sun Times.. The Governor provided insights honed from more than 20 years of reporting in the state. It was people’s stories and needs that made the leap from reporting to candidate.

“I have no special interests except the Arizona people,” Lake said.

Faith in god

Lake can pinpoint the exact moment of her life when she reconnects with God. It was the summer of 2019. Lake’s private remarks blaming the local newspaper were captured by a hot, viral clip. The lake faced public accusations and demanded her dismissal. Looking back now, Lake says she is grateful for the attack on her because she has brought her closer to faith.

“Two years ago, as they say, I was canceled. Now I’m laughing at it. It was painful and really scary at the time. It was terrible at the time,” Lake said. It was. “Something was recorded at work, but for some reason [was] It was a really big story when I went out to the world, and it was immediately attacked and canceled. It really made me kneel. I was just praying to God to overcome this. “

When she looked back at the reconnection, Lake was amazed at the idea that some individuals did not have the faith to rely on during last year’s pandemic. She shared that she began reading the Bible again while working from home and found that it helped balance the darkness of COVID-related news.

“I don’t know how people didn’t return to their faith during COVID,” Lake said. “I started reading the Bible. I haven’t read the Bible for decades since I was a kid!”

The Bible aroused Lake’s desire to attend church again on a regular basis – and she told her husband. They planned to attend when the church reopened. Then some friends invited the lake to an open church.

“I had the most beautiful church revelation and found a church that stirs my soul. I haven’t missed a week except when I’m away from town,” Lake said. .. “It brought me very close to where I have an intimate and good relationship with Jesus. I feel like I have a connection with Jesus.”

Media bias

Lake’s new commitment to God has made a difference in her life, other than the way she spent Sunday and the breaks between work. It caused her to revisit the content of her report.

“Morally, I couldn’t keep up with what was happening,” Lake said. “When I decided it, I felt that what I was doing was not only unethical, but also immoral.”

Lake realized she had to let go of the report. This is what she always loved.she said Times Those stories about everyday people have always been her favorite.

“When I started, I liked journalism. Something is happening, and you’re there. You see it, and then you get that information to your neighbors and the community. “I put it in,” explained Lake. “There were so many nights I left the station and thought about. I really helped have a positive impact on my community.”

But the lake Noticed The media has shifted its focus to the press over the years. Lake pointed out that the current trend in the media is to arouse fear and anger to attract and retain viewers.

“When you’re angry, you’re a great news consumer. You sit there and take it more and more,” Lake observed.

The lake was first noticed during the 2016 elections. Specifically, when former President Donald Trump became a serious candidate.

“I’m starting to see a really noticeable difference in how the media reports things on Donald Trump,” Lake said. “It was like day and night. It turned from his critical reports to trying to destroy the man, and I just saw in shock. And it lasted for years. Russia Even the hoax of collusion, and misleading viewers about what he was doing and what he was doing-never positive, [reporters were] It’s always making things up and over-exaggerating what seems unpopular. “

By 2020, Lake said Sun times She was fed up and embarrassed by her ability to report there. It led her to look beyond reporting where else she could have a positive impact.

Why she is running

It has been 22 years since I reported on a talented lake with a deeper understanding of this condition. She explained that this insight, coupled with the lack of large funders in her campaign, really makes her a candidate for people by people.

“I’ve covered this condition for a long time. I know the condition inside and outside,” Lake explained. “I don’t think the changes Arizona wants are institutional politicians. [Arizona wants] Someone who understands the nation but is not part of the political system. “

With that in mind, Lake states that Arizona will shift its focus from general growth to “smart growth.” She explained that the proliferation of new residents is putting pressure on key aspects of the state, such as schools, water, and even culture.lake promised Protect schools from “awakened” curriculum and develop long-term plans for water sustainability while establishing resources to support real-world education.

One of Lake’s first office initiatives was to establish a program to revive companies killed by the government’s forced closure.

One of the lake’s main opponents could be Katie Hobbes, Secretary of State for the Democratic Party of Arizona. There is no further difference between the two.

Lake warned that Hobbes’ agenda was more likely to be left than some of the left-most members of the Democratic Party, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom. Lake said the Hobbs elections led to critical racing theory on all kindergarten-to-high school and college campuses, closures due to the proliferation of viral illnesses, an increase in criminals who were released or faced little impact, police. Insisted that it would lead to an increase in cash flow.

“I think she makes Gavin Newsom look conservative, which scares me,” Lake said. “I don’t want to be a family running and looking for the next state to live in.”

This is related to the specific slogan Lake quotes, “Not Arizona, California.”She list Some of California’s progressive and democratic policies that have lost their inhabitants, such as the “Vision Zero” and “Housing Equity” initiatives.

to her Campaign site, Lake provided some suggestions for the current issues that plague Arizona. For election integrity, Lake has promised voter ID support, software exchange with analog optical scanners, and implementation of automated auditing. She also promised to deploy the Arizona National Guard to support border guards and equip the Public Security Bureau to prevent border-related sex and trafficking and drug smuggling.

Lake also promised to help the government pass legislation prohibiting the closure or regulation of religious freedoms such as worship and ceremonies.

On long-standing issues, Lake favors her pro-life, pro-second fix, full police funding and support, rural community protection, and smaller local businesses than large box stores and online retailers. Said that it was intended.

Overall, the governor hoped and shared that her ultimate goal was to retreat the government and give people complete control over their lives.

“I really believe in personal responsibility. I think Arizonians can take care of themselves,” Lake said.

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Interview: Arizona Governor Hopeful Kari Lake on Her Faith, Media Bias, and Why She’s Running Source link Interview: Arizona Governor Hopeful Kari Lake on Her Faith, Media Bias, and Why She’s Running

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