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According to the Medfield Select Board, the police union is defending the actions of officers.

Medfield Police Station Medfield Police Station

According to a statement from the town’s selection committee, the town of Medfield investigated allegations that police officers were sleeping at work, and police officers slept regularly around the station to avoid active patrols during night shifts. I found out that I was hiding in.

To further complicate matters, according to the Election Commission, a union representing Medfield’s police officers defends these police officers and their actions.

Medfield Select Board said In the statement On Tuesday, several Medfield police officers have been investigating allegations of serious misconduct since March.

The selection committee said police officers were alleged to have slept at work on a daily basis for as long as five hours during the scheduled eight-hour shift.

When Medfield Police Chief Michelle Gerett noticed the allegations, the Election Commission said the town had hired an independent investigator to investigate the illegal activity.

At that time, the selection committee said two Medfield police officers were on leave and several other police officers resigned when the investigation began. Officers on vacation remain on vacation.

“Investigation is underway, but we already have a consistent pattern of executive inactivity during the midnight shift,” writes SelectBoard.

The selection committee found that the police were actually “hidden in and around the station” intentionally sleeping on duty or trying to avoid active patrols. Said that it became.

“The union calls this” reactive policing “and tolerates this behavior. Towns and chiefs believe in the value of aggressive police, “writes Selectboard.

“Touring our city, protecting our homes, stopping drunk drivers, and
Preventing local businesses from invading overnight is a safe standard for Medfield residents. Union actions reveal that they do not share positive police values. “

The selection committee said Medfield police officers were “expected to perform their duties regardless of which shift they were working in.” However, they said the union sees this as a “change in working conditions” where midnight shifts are expected to actively patrol at night.

“The Medfield Police Department is covered by our taxes, and Medfield residents should expect all police officers to engage in active patrols during all shifts.” The selection committee writes.

“One of the core principles of the Medfield Police Department is its commitment to active community-based police activities. A long and consistent period of inactivity is requested by the Chief and the standard of service appropriate for Medfield citizens. Does not meet. “

Investigation finds Medfield police officers often slept, avoided patrols during night shift Source link Investigation finds Medfield police officers often slept, avoided patrols during night shift

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