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Fayetteville, Ark. ((KNWA / KFTA) — At a court in the western district of Arkansas in Fayetteville on Friday afternoon, prosecution and defense teams concluded a question to a computer forensic expert in the US Department of Justice.

At 5 pm, Judge Timothy L. Brooks chose to leave the jury for the weekend or continue to finish the testimony of James Fottrell, director of the High Tech Investigation Unit (HTIU). The jury chose to end the time at the stand.

Dagger’s chief counsel, Justin Gelfund, continued to cross-examine the Witnesses when the jury returned from lunch after 1:30 pm.

He pointed out various points that the USB flash drive connected to the HP computer was not seized or discovered by the agent during a search warrant carried out on a lot of Dagger cars in November 2019. Did. Forensic evidence shows a USB flash drive containing two, at some point a Word document and a Powerpoint file were inserted into HP. A redirect with prosecutor William Clayman then returned the subject to the missing item.

Duggar’s defense lawyer alleged that someone else downloaded or placed child pornography on a 33-year-old workplace computer, pointing out that child pornography was not found on Duggar’s phone or laptop.

However, federal prosecutors have detailed logs showing minute-by-minute activities that alternate between sending personal messages on Dagger’s computer, downloading child pornography, and saving photos of notes.

On Thursday, Fottrell testified that a Linux open source operating system and an encryptable browser were installed behind a partition on a used car dealer’s desktop computer.

According to experts, this partition basically splits the computer’s hard drive into a public side, which contains tracking programs for business, and a second side, which is a secret that uses Linux and a browser.

This allowed anyone using a computer to circumvent the accountability program installed to report to Dagger’s wife about inappropriate internet activities such as pornographic searches.

Fottrell testified that sexually explicit photos and videos of children were found on the Linux side of the computer, Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

On Friday, Fottrell provided details taken from a backup of Duggar’s iPhone created on a MacBook Pro laptop. This caused the illegal material to be downloaded, accessed, and placed in the car parking lot at the exact date and time shared on the dealer’s desktop computer. , Fayetteville’s KNWA-TV reported.

James Forett, senior criminal forensic analyst at the Department of Land Security, testified on Friday that a receipt for a car named “Josh” was found as a distributor behind the partition where child pornography was downloaded, the Democratic Party Bulletin said. Reported. Also, the password to access the hidden section was a variation of the password that Duggar used on other devices for at least five years.

Dagger, featured on TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” show, was charged in April. Prosecutors say child pornography was downloaded to the computer in May 2019.

TLC pulled a reality TV show in 2015 over the exposure that Dagger had molested a babysitter with four sisters. Dagger’s parents said he confessed and apologized for the caress. US District Judge Timothy Brooks ruled earlier this week that a jury could hear more about the abuse in a child pornography trial.

In 2015, Dagger publicly apologized for porn addiction and his wife’s affair, calling himself “the greatest hypocrite in history.”

Dagger’s trial begins when his father, Jim Bob Duggar, runs for a special election in a vacant state Senate in northwestern Arkansas. Jim Bob Dagger was also prominently featured at the TLC show and previously served at the Arkansas House. The open seat primary is December 14th.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Investigator details images and videos found on Josh Duggar’s computer Source link Investigator details images and videos found on Josh Duggar’s computer

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