Iran takes a new cautious step out of the nuclear deal as Biden tries to hold talks

Iran abandons another important belief in the nuclear deal that President Joe Biden is trying to revive on Tuesday after President Joe Biden opposes a groundbreaking deal aimed at blocking Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. He said he did.This move is being carried out by both countries Chicken game over trading..

In announcing the enforcement of legislation to officially reduce, but not all, cooperation with nuclear inspectors from nuclear monitoring agencies around the world. Iran At least it seemed to move in some wiggle Room for negotiations with the White House..

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Tuesday that “the law came into force this morning,” a threat written in Iran’s law last year in retaliation for the withdrawal of former President Donald Trump from the 2015 nuclear deal. Is making good use of.

The law drafted by the Iranian parliament will allow Tehran to withdraw the so-called additional protocol, the so-called additional protocol, unless a series of strict unilateral sanctions imposed by the Trump administration following the 2018 withdrawal are withdrawn by February 23. Additional measures associated with the nuclear agreement, which said it would suspend compliance with the United Nations, allowed UN inspectors to stay in the country to carry out “snap” inspections on the Iranian site without warning. The Protocol also granted the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) access to video from cameras installed at various nuclear facilities in Iran.

When the deadline approached over the weekend, the IAEA chief jumped into Tehran and made another secret arrangement with the Iranian government. This said the world’s nuclear monitoring agencies would at least guarantee that their inspectors would stay in the country.

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javadzarif (L) met with Rafael Grossi (R), Executive Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in Tehran on February 21, 2021.

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Under the new agreement, Iran said it would stop handing videos from cameras at nuclear facilities to the IAEA and only provide them if US sanctions were lifted within three months. The secret arrangement will also allow some inspections to continue under the constraints that neither side chose to reveal.

On Tuesday, Zarif specifically stated that Iran would not share surveillance videos from nuclear facilities with UN agencies, as stipulated in a law requiring termination of compliance with the Additional Protocol. But that’s all he said.

Is there room to fly?

A secret agreement signed over the weekend with the IAEA elicited an angry reaction from hardline Iranian lawmakers on Monday, accusing it of capitulation, and what they said was an illegal waiver of the law. Introduced the government to the national judiciary to investigate. ..

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned on Monday that by concentrating uranium to a purity of up to 60%, his country could take a step further from the 2015 agreement. did.

However, despite voice resistance in parliament and continued threats from the Supreme Leader, the agreement signed with the IAEA on Sunday would not have been finalized by the Iranian government without Hamenei’s own approval. And Zarif announced on Tuesday that the law would come into force, but he didn’t specify how thoroughly it would come into force.

IAEA inspectors leave the country, except for the bold declaration that it “will come into effect” and the note that the video will not be delivered (this is in line with the conditions set out with the IAEA over the weekend). They were forced to do so, or their inspection work suddenly ended.

Zarif also emphasized in a tweet that if new restrictions were imposed on IAEA inspectors, they could be undone.

In a steady, gradual procession away from the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal since Trump’s withdrawal, Iranian authorities said everything as soon as the White House lifted the sanctions imposed by former U.S. leaders. We have always emphasized that our actions can be quickly and easily undone.

Even when he launched his latest threat on Monday, Khamenei reiterated the official Iranian position that the country was banned by Islamic principles from developing nuclear weapons. Tehran has always argued that the nuclear program is for power generation and medical research, not for making an atomic bomb.

Biden will not lift sanctions until Iran stops you …


Its close allies in the United States and the Middle East do not believe it, and for years, including the present, all White Houses have vowed not to give Iran even the ability to make such weapons.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken believes earlier this month that U.S. intelligence agencies would take months to produce enough highly enriched nuclear material to develop weapons if Iran chooses to go that route. Said. However, Blinken said, “As Iran continues to lift some of these restrictions, [2015 nuclear] Agreed, it could be weeks. “

What’s next?

President Biden said he was ready to rejoin the nuclear deal, but said Iran must first comply with the terms. Iran claims that the United States was the first to leave the international agreement, so we need to return to it first.

It may seem that there is no obvious offramp from the current standoffs, as both sides drew those lines in the sand.

However, the ambiguity of Iran’s pre-determined steps from this week’s agreement will be taken into account in the context of recent gestures from the Biden administration, unless they go further and launch IAEA inspectors in the next few days. Must be. Willingness to open a dialogue With Iranians.

As one of the very specific issues American prisoners detained in Iran, White House officials argued on CBS News Already in progress Through mediation.

Sullivan: Biden is ready for Iran’s talks, swear …


Mr Biden’s State Department has also formally abolished the notice sent by the Trump administration to the United Nations declaring that all international sanctions on Iran lifted under the nuclear agreement have been “revoked.” The White House has also lifted travel restrictions on Iranian diplomats working at the United Nations in New York.

Iran carefully greeted the overture. Iran’s cabinet spokesman Ali Rabbie said on Tuesday that Iranian leaders “believe this has taken America on a constructive path, [the steps] It’s very inadequate. ”

Regarding the face-to-face talks on the nuclear program, Mr Zarif said Iran “evaluates the idea of ​​an informal meeting” with the rest of the 2015 agreement that “the United States is invited as a non-member.”

Iran takes a new cautious step out of the nuclear deal as Biden tries to hold talks

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