Ireland looks to vaccine paths to reopen hospitality industry

People enjoy drinking Guinness outside the pubs in Dublin city centre. Monday, July 5, 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.

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Dublin — Despite the prevalence of highly contagious variants of the delta coronavirus, Ireland is betting on a “vaccine pass” to fully reopen bars and restaurants.

Irish Tourism and hospitality trade We have been working on a stop and start for the restart throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Indoor services resumed on July 26, and the government and hospitality industry have finalized guidelines for resuming that morning. This included a final adjustment to the restaurant’s contact tracing requirements.

The main differentiator this time is that restaurants and bars can only open doors to people who have been fully vaccinated or who have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 6 months. Outdoor seats will continue to be available to all Panthers.

A big test for businesses is managing these checks on the vaccination status of their customers.

The main means of certifying vaccination is to use the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate. This is the same document that Europe has fixed hopes for reviving tourism on the continent.

Restaurants and bars need to scan the QR code on the certificate and check the customer’s ID to make sure they are fully vaccinated.

Noel Anderson is the managing director of Dublin restaurants Lemon & Duke and The Bridge 1859, and chair of the Licensed Vintners Association’s trade association.

He told CNBC that during the first few days of reopening, customers were still choosing outdoor seating over indoors, but his staff were trained in a new protocol, especially as the summer weather diminished. rice field.

“I’m sure it will settle down within a couple of weeks and this will just be the standard. Hopefully it won’t be the standard for too long,” he said.

He and many other hospitality industries opposed the requirement for vaccination at the door.

“In the end, this was a government initiative. It wasn’t driven by a pub, and in fact the LVA I chair didn’t want this,” he said.

“I want to be closed until September or later, or this is how to open it. If some members are closed [for over a year], You have no choice but to take it. “

Data protection

While the requirement for vaccination certification to enter the facility is a so-called vaccine pass or passport, it has received some criticism for claiming to discriminate against unvaccinated people. It can be a tricky initiative Introduce from the viewpoint of data protection and security.

A spokesperson for the Irish Data Protection Commission said hospitality companies need to be aware of the amount of data they collect and process and remove unnecessary information.

“Owners / operators should not keep records that identify the named person and their vaccination details, or a copy of the certificate or identification card. This is necessary to fulfill their compliance obligations. Not because, “said DPC.

The processing of personal data needs to be “justified based on need and proportion,” he said.

“DPC also states that as a safeguard against excessive and imbalanced processing of personal data, Covid-related legislation must be timed and restricted by a sunset clause to a pandemic period. I made it clear. “

When it comes to vaccine paths in the hospitality industry, Ireland hasn’t been outliers in Europe for a long time. France When Italy Introduce similar requirements to enter bars, restaurants and cafes.

Careful approach

Not all bars and restaurants are eager to resume indoor services.Dublin’s popular gay bar, Panty Bar I chose to keep Most of the young staff have not yet been fully vaccinated, so the indoor service closed the door.

Another restaurant owner, Barry McNerney, told CNBC that his restaurants, Juniors and Paulie’s Pizza, haven’t yet competed to reopen indoors.

“I don’t know if the demand for indoor meals is very high. I can’t really eat indoors because there are young customers in many places and they are not vaccinated.”

Before jumping in, McNurney decided to wait for other companies to handle the new protocol and vaccine checks.

“We are seeing how other operators are overcoming and finding out from them what the logistics challenges are.”

The increase in Covid cases in Ireland is still approaching many companies, despite the gradual resumption of the economy. The number of cases has been steadily increasing in recent weeks, driven by the Delta variant, with an average daily number of over 1,000.

Further resumption of hospitality services has garnered criticism of the move, compared to the tremendous surge in the late December incident when Christmas restrictions were relaxed, and eventually led to a blockade towards spring.

The decisive difference from the Christmas surge is the pace of Irish vaccine deployment since sputtering began earlier this year. As of Friday, 3.2 million people were vaccinated at least once and 2.4 million were vaccinated twice. The vaccination program has recently transitioned to under the age of 18.

Ireland looks to vaccine paths to reopen hospitality industry

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