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Is a treadmill suitable for losing weight?

Treadmills are a popular device used for aerobic exercise. As you often see in the gym, many have invested in home treadmills for the past 18 months. But is a treadmill suitable for losing weight? If you’ve already purchased on a treadmill, you’ll find that this workout machine helps you reach the most important 10,000 steps a day. It’s also a great exercise machine for nailing indoor running, especially if the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor exercise. Running can burn fatHowever, there are ways to get the most out of using a treadmill, both for fitness and weight loss.

To help you personally determine if a treadmill workout is suitable for losing weight, look at your body movements when using a treadmill and the methods that can be used most effectively for your weight and fitness level. To go. It also describes whether walking on ramps is suitable for weight loss, what types of foods you should eat to power up your training, and what foods you should avoid.

Treadmill and weight loss

Moderate to intense exercise, such as running or walking on a treadmill, has a number of health benefits.While helping Improve mental health, Lower blood pressure When Reduce the risk of death When combined with other factors such as a good diet, exercise can also help you lose weight, up to 30%.

However, not all exercises are the same. Running on a treadmill mimics running on the ground, but there are some important differences between the two. Running outside, runners are exposed to rugged terrain, varying slopes and wind resistance. All of these need to consume more energy. However, Sports science journal Shows that runners can compensate for this energy cost by knocking up the treadmill to a 1% tilt.

NS American Movement Council A person weighing 180 pounds can burn up to 17 calories per minute by running, and a person weighing 140 pounds can lose 13.2 calories by running.

As a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in obesity and weight management Melissa Majumudar, MS, RD, CSOWM, LDN, also a spokesperson Academy of Nutrition and Nutrition, Tells Live Science: “Exercise by moving your body is good for your body and mind.”

“In general, moderate to strenuous exercise can support weight loss. When combined with dietary changes, exercise can help you lose weight. However, relying solely on exercise does not always have consequences. not.”

Weight loss and maintenance of weight loss depend on several factors.according to National Institute of Diabetes, Gastroenterology and Kidney Disease, Weight loss depends on you:

  • Family history and genes
  • Race
  • Year
  • Sex
  • Physical activity habits
  • Lack of sleep
  • Calorie intake

But that doesn’t mean that weight loss on a treadmill can’t be achieved. In a study published in the journal in 2014 jobs By the Department of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, researchers ordered 20 doctors to use a treadmill desk to increase their activity to reduce body fat. In that journal article, they said, “Studies show that a sitting person consumes 60-80 calories per hour. Walking 12 at just 1 MPH at work consumes an additional 125 calories per hour.” It states.

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Is walking on a slope good for weight loss?

Walking on a slope will help you lose weight.according to Health line, Incline increases heart rate, targets posterior chain muscles such as hamstrings and gluteal muscles, and increases the number of calories burned.

Data from a 2012 study published in Journal of BioMechanics We have shown that slope is a strong predictor of metabolic costs. A metabolic cost of 3.3 watts per kilogram was incurred at a 0% tilt, increased to 52 W / kg at a 5% tilt, and a metabolic cost of 113 W / kg at a 10% tilt.

According to, to get it in sight Health lineA person weighing 130 pounds when walking at 3.5 mph may burn about 354 calories, compared to 224 calories when walking on a flat surface. Also, a person weighing 180 pounds can burn 490 calories when walking on a ramp. This is about 179 calories more than when walking flat.

However, before increasing the slope, it is important to consider the negative effects of walking on the slope. For example, increased back pain. Health lineEspecially for those who are suffering from back problems. The important thing is to make it easy. Also, if you are suffering from lower limb pain or health problems, consult your doctor before adjusting the tilt.

Is a treadmill suitable for losing weight?

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What should I eat before running on a treadmill?

Refueling before treadmill time is essential for good training, as you don’t want to run in the air. What you should eat before going to the treadmill depends on when you eat and how long you exercise.

However, according to Majumudar, you should generally aim to eat 1-2 hours before training. “The diet should be balanced by choosing from all food groups,” she said. This too:

  • Carbohydrates like fruits and whole grains for energy
  • Beans, nuts, tofu, and some lean meat-like proteins for controlling and repairing hunger from exercise sessions
  • Healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocado and vitamins A, D, E, K
  • Vegetables for filling fiber and vitamins / minerals, vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli

If you don’t know what foods to avoid, Majumudar recommends rejecting foods high in fat and fiber.

“Think of full-fat dairy products, fried foods, some energy bars, or high-fiber vegetables, beans,” she said. “These may cause stomach problems while running and instead run you into the bathroom.”

Is a treadmill suitable for losing weight?

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