Is Bingo Considered as Gambling?

Bingo is a game is played for ages now. One must have heard of various bingo rooms that are operated in which people like to play bingo and win some cash and rewards. Other than land-based bingo rooms, one can also find online bingo sites to play the game. But one thing to keep in mind is that most places have banned bingo gambling. Yes, one can play for fun, but it cannot be gambled upon. Here is a guide on what social bingo game is and what online bingo game is.

Social Bingo

Many people lived visiting the bingo clubs and rooms before there were online bingo and gaming options. These places were where bingo is played in large numbers. Bingo is a social game that many people play. One can choose to go to the bingo room, buy a ticket and play alongside others. Social bingo is also played at parties and other social gatherings.

The simple rule is that the moderator will pick numbers and will call the number out loudly. The players will have to cross the numbers on their ticket; the one who crosses all the numbers on the ticket gets to win the round. Most of the time, the numbers are picked randomly with the help of a tub full of balls that have the numbers printed on them. Randomly a ball is picked, and the number is shouted for the people to cross the same ticket.

In social bingo, one can find that there are several types of rewards for different tarter completion. One can get a reward if one row is complete, if a column is complete, or half the ticket is complete, etc.

Online Bingo

Today most of the games and gambling opportunities are given online. All one needs to do is sit at their homes with phones or tablets in their hand with an active internet connection. Unlike past times, people do not have time to reach the bingo rooms and clubs. Instead, they can easily be at home and play online. To do it professionally, do check Winner55 promotions section.

This has given rise to the sudden popularity of online bingo. Online bingo is very much like the social or paper bingo played at clubs and other social settings frequently.

In online bingo, the person will have first to find a site that offers online bingo options. Log in and create an account to play the bingo game. One will have first to read the tips and other guidelines. After this, the player will have to choose the bingo type. Most of the sites tend to provide various bingo types like 90 balls, 45 balls, 75 balls variety. The number signifies the total number on the bingo ticket.

After choosing the bingo type, one will have to buy the bingo ticket. After this, the numbers will be selected electronically by the computer. The numbers will then get automatically crossed. The one who completes the ticket first will get to win the game.

So it is gambling or not?

When one bets on bingo games and the plays to win, it is considered gambling; most of the globe, bingo is considered gambling. This is the reason why most of the part of the world has banned bingo games, both social and online and the only option is to play online in one of the offshore Asian casino. In some parts of the world, bingo is not completely banned. Instead, it is heavily regulated. One should pay attention to the terms and conditions before playing bingo at any online site. Bingo is a popular game, and playing the same without any bets placed is legal. But choosing to bet on bingo is not legal, and thus one should be careful of the law.


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