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Is it safe to get the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine together? CDC says yes – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-20 10:40:45 –

Walking through the halls of the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center, Dr. Mothusi Chilume may be experiencing calm in his clinic before the upcoming winter flu and COVID-19 cases surge. I know that. That’s why this doctor and others across the country are urging Americans to get both vaccines now to relieve some pressure from the already tense emergency medical system.

Dr. Chilme oversees family medicine at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center. This is a low-income non-profit organization that has begun to work overtime to ensure that the most vulnerable people are vaccinated against the flu this year.

“I don’t want to lose sight of the flu in winter because it actually kills people,” Dr. Chilme said.

Hospital capacity is one of the biggest reasons health officials are urging Americans to be vaccinated against the flu, especially this year. The ICU is already at its limit, and the proliferation of influenza cases can be devastating to the medical system.

“Healthcare workers are really tired. This is exhausting for health care workers. It’s hard to keep going without light at the end of the tunnel,” Dr. Chirume added.

Many Americans may feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to vaccines as the flu season and the COVID surge are about to clash. So I asked Kristen Nichols, an infectious disease pharmacist at Wolters Kluwer, a few questions.

“The CDC recommends that you can get both vaccines on the same day,” Nichols said.

Nichols and other health authorities want people to know that it is safe to get the flu vaccine and the COVID vaccine or booster at the same time. If you want to get both shots with the same arm, spread them 1 inch apart. However, Kristen Nichols recommends using different arms for each shot to reduce pain.

“If you get nervous about getting both vaccines and you have to get one, the COVID first, given that the delta mutants can be circulating and very deadly. Will get, “she added.

What if I get sick this fall or winter?

Most clinics simultaneously test patients for influenza and COVID to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

“I really want to do the first COVID test to make sure that COVID isn’t widespread,” Nichols added.

With so many Americans moving around this fall, the risk of getting sick is high. Therefore, doctors want to shoot as many arms as possible.

Is it safe to get the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine together? CDC says yes Source link Is it safe to get the flu shot and COVID-19 vaccine together? CDC says yes

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