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Is Madrid a good place to learn Spanish?

Is Madrid a good place to learn SpanishLearning Spanish can be a very pleasant and joyful activity if you decide to face it as part of a touristic plan. This is why many people search for different Spanish courses abroad at the same time they book their next vacation.

If you are considering taking Spanish courses in Madrid, you would probably enjoy reading this article where you will find out which are the benefits of choosing this amazing city for your Spanish lessons and how to make the most of this incredible experience.

The first thing to mention about Spanish courses in Madrid is that you will find schools with a strong reputation for planning this kind of experience for students from all over the world. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything regarding your learning experience while staying in Madrid. Things such as accommodations and different course levels have already been arranged for you to choose freely, depending on your interests and budget.

Living in Madrid is amazing, and you will be able to choose between private or shared apartments, depending on your privacy preferences. If you prefer having a full immersed experience, then you should request for the homestay options, where you will be able to share home with local people specially selected and have a complete and full Spanish language trip to Madrid experience.

Is Madrid a good place to learn Spanish

What makes Madrid so special

It is one of Europe´s main capital cities, and it is a very easy place to get to. People are very friendly and kind, and you will find many attractive places to visit too.

Europe has the special characteristic of being very easy to travel by. Very short distances between amazing cities will give every visit a big chance of visiting many different places during the same vacation. This is why taking Spanish classes in Madrid is a very wise decision to make.

You will never get bored in Madrid, and there are many different things to do and many places to visit. If you like museums, then you will find one of the best museums in Europe, The Prado Museum, as well as The Reina Sofia Museum where you will be able to see Picasso´s Guernica.

Football fans will also have a good time visiting an iconic stadium, home of the Real Madrid football team, the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. If you decide to go, make sure to take a guided tour and explore every corner of this fantastic and popular stadium, and maybe you get the chance of even watching a match!

Having coffee at Plaza mayor square is also a “must-do” if you decide to visit Madrid, as well as walking down the Gran Via, the city´s main street where you will find the most exclusive shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and theatres opened almost at every time.

And if you haven’t had enough yet, let’s save some space for Spanish food and drinks. Good food lovers will enjoy most of their time trying different “tapas” at every single bar in town. You will find it as a tradition that Spanish people spend most of their time at the bar. They stop for a drink mostly shared with friends and then keep on going with their usual activities.

Living as a local

All of these things that we have mentioned before will be part of your daily routine while attending a Spanish course in Madrid. The most exciting thing is that you will share this experience with other students from all over the world, that as you did, chose Madrid to learn Spanish as they get to know new people and discover an extraordinary city.

Making new friends will be easy and fun thanks to the different social activities the school organize every week for the new students that arrive at Madrid for their Spanish courses.

But you can also join any of the tours around the city planned each day after class. This is a fantastic way of bonding with your classmates at the same time you get to know the city and learn the new language without even noticing.

Entertainment everywhere

Imagine you have the chance of experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime vacation that includes: new friends, incredible food, amazing places to visit, nice weather, and learning a new language. If you decide to study Spanish in Madrid you will get the whole package, and more.

Depending on the amount of time you can stay away from home, you can also make time to visit some other incredible cities nearby, such as Barcelona or Sevilla, for example. Europe has several means of transportation and very short distances between cities, so traveling across the country should be easy and, in many cases, not too expensive.

Ready to go? Find out your language level first.

If you are already excited about everything, we have just told you, the next thing you need to do is find out which course you are going to take. There are several options for you to choose from. If you prefer an intensive Spanish course in Madrid, then you should test your Spanish level first. Get in touch with your selected school and take your language test online.

Once you have defined your level you will be able to decide which type of lessons to take, group or private classes. And you will be ready to pack up your luggage and start thinking about your future Spanish language trip to Madrid.

Some schools will also give you the chance of taking important exams for you to enhance your CV. You should know that most of the students who choose this kind of trip and Spanish courses are adults over 30 looking for a better way of learning a new language. So, if you think you are too old already for this experience, then you are wrong!

Don t be scared thinking attending school lessons is related to teenage students only. You can have an unforgettable experience as a grown-up going back to school in Madrid. Enjoy!


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