Is the iGaming Market in Australia Set to Grow in 2023?

Australia is more than just the land of boomerangs and kangaroos, it’s a place of culture, vibrant nightlife and a world of entertainment to be explored. Aussies love sports and they follow them avidly, and some of them enjoy casino games too.

The global iGaming market sees its fair share of Australian players. There are lots of online casinos that allow Australians on their sites which is why one might think that Australia is a big market. There is more than one real money casino Australia players can visit but none of them are from Australia. Still, this doesn’t mean that the iGaming market in the country won’t grow in 2023.

The Current Situation

Australians like playing casino games, as mentioned before, so that would mean that you can find lots of Australian casinos, right? There are some of them on land, but when it comes to a casino presence online, the legislation says otherwise.

In other words, legislation prevents anyone from Australia to operate an online casino and offer its services to Australians. However, there’s no qualm about offshore operators offering their online casinos and games to Australians. But legislations change, and when legislators see the numbers then they might make the changes happen.

When it comes to the numbers, the Australian iGaming market was a staggering $225 billion and that number went up by 78% in 2021 and 2022. This means that Australia has serious potential and could be the next big market, just like the US was before it. But we can’t tell for sure what the future holds for Australian iGaming. This is something time will tell as the situation changes or remains the same.

The Future of iGaming in Australia in 2023

As mentioned before, the iGaming market in Australia has serious potential. There are millions of Aussie players looking to enjoy their favorite games online, but legislation states that they may do so on offshore online casinos that accept Aussie players.

If legislation were to change and let Aussie-based operators offer online casino sites to Aussies and beyond, then the government would need to implement more regulations to keep things under control. This will mean a tax on revenue that will pool funds into the government that it can use to improve the Australian economy.

The Australian iGaming market has lots of potential which is why friendlier legislation can attract the attention of big names in the iGaming industry to offer Australian-based sites to Australians and other players. Some of the top providers in the world of iGaming might even decide to open an office or two there to be in the loop on current developments.

One thing remains clear: Aussies will continue to enjoy casino games online in 2023 and beyond that’s why the market will continue to grow the following year. Legislation regarding online casinos may change, but there’s no sure sign if and when that will happen. As of yet, the Australian iGaming market remains the same.


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