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Is the traditional lawn on the way out?

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Yes, classic lawns may soon become history. The Alternative Landscape is more sensational.

Grass needs One of the reasons many water-scarce cities offer taxpayers to exchange their lawns for native plants is to hug them more than toddlers. Clementine Jang, co-owner of landscape design firm SoftStudio in Oakland, California, said the lawn lawn “represents this perspective of Western success.” We are positioned as human beings, “refers to the unstable state of the environment. The lawn creates a single cultivation that maintains a very small number of fauna species. A variety of climate-friendly species not only require less resources, but also promote biodiversity.

Spreading the color of money comes at other costs, including noisy energy eaters such as lawnmowers, blowers, and weed mowers. Gregory Tuzzolo, managing director of Stimson Landscape Architects in Cambridge, Massachusetts, said the artificial fertilizers added to keep the grass green as Ireland flows into adjacent waterways “nourish algae” because they contain nutrients. “. Outbreaks of toxic algae can make swimming and even canoeing impossible. Dogs in some states died after rowing. Native grasses and wildflowers not only require less fertilizer, but also filter stormwater runoff. Studies show that lawns are usually one notch better than hardscapes, or pavements, when scrubbing water, according to Tuzzolo.

In Brooklyn’s garden, Janet Williams, founder of landscape design build company Roam Brooklyn, sown a mix instead of standard grass from Pro Time Lawn Seeds in Portland, Oregon. The blend contained deep-seated feskes and clovers. Legumes not only contribute to deep green shades, but also add nitrogen to the soil. “That’s the way I was able to make peace by having a lawn,” she said. The last nail in a traditional lawn casket: it’s uninspired. Mia Railer, a landscape architect in Los Angeles, said:

No, classic lawns are always attractive, whatever their weaknesses.

Railer I remember attending the kite festival in Los Angeles. There, the crowd agreed to bypass many of the park’s benches and spread out on the grass. The lawn is cool and soft, and the landscape architect added, “There is something very primitive there.” A fellow landscape architect, Tuzzolo, has postponed robbing his family of grass leaves around the 1905 Dutch Mansard roof in Maynard, Massachusetts. — And certainly there are a lot of sentimental attachments. He sees his lawn as a blank canvas that is “the stage of other acts,” such as Covid-inspired ground pools, swings, and trampolines.

Is the traditional lawn on the way out?

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