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Washington — It’s a big change that could save the lives of loved ones. Soon, the 9-8-8 line will be launched nationwide as a new mental health emergency crisis line.

This is intended to make it as easy to get help with a mental crisis as dialing 9-1-1.

But is the United States ready for change?

U.S. suicide

According to the CDC, every 11 minutes in this country someone dies of suicide. The time is even more frequent when considering Americans who think or try to commit suicide.

“In 1995, I lost my fiancée to suicide,” Doreen Marshall of the American Suicide Prevention Foundation said in a recent interview.

Marshall says the times have changed and are about to change.

“I wasn’t aware of it at the time,” Marshall said.

“Most people still think 9-1-1 is the one who seeks a mental health crisis,” Marshall added.

Launch of 9-8-8

Everyone knows about 9-1-1 and knows how it can be used to report emergencies and crimes.

Now, next month, 9-8-8 will be launched, especially for mental health emergencies. It will be released on July 16th.

“The easier it is for us to get help, the easier it will be to change it to a three-digit number,” Marshall said.

Marshall added that this is a game changer and there is no doubt that call centers will be able to better serve their purpose.

9-8-8 is easier to remember than the current hotline 1-800-273-TALK.

But is the country ready for launch?

“There is a huge investment in the resources neededStephanie Brooks Holliday is a clinical psychologist at RAND, an independent research service.

Her national survey report Only 16% of the jurisdiction has long-term funding for the program and is expected to expand by 9-8-8.

While Congress passed 9-8-8 in 2020 and the FCC approved the launch next month, it was up to the individual states to actually fund the call center and the program. ..

New numbers that are easy to remember can quickly overrun the system.

“People don’t feel they’re raising money in the long run,” Holiday said.

Each of these states, shown in red, has not yet passed new funding to improve the hotline, while the orange state has.

Holliday has stated that he is particularly concerned about the region, and some have reported a possible response time of two hours to seek help directly from the caller.

“Given that someone calls the lifeline network and that person needs a direct response and it takes two hours for that response to occur, that’s a real challenge,” Holliday added.

There are currently no plans to postpone the release of 9-8-8, but there may be good news in the near future.

The bipartisan gun control bill that passes Congress now includes $ 150 million to better implement 9-8-8 across the country.

The law continues to appear to pass.

If you know someone who is thinking of ending their life, the national suicide prevention lifeline in the meantime is still 800-273-TALK.

Telephone lines are always answered and free of charge.

Is the US ready for 9-8-8 suicide hotline launch next month? Source link Is the US ready for 9-8-8 suicide hotline launch next month?

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