Is the Yeezy Gap Jacket really good?

The first Yeezy Gap jacket was announced on June 8th, a year after the partnership between Kanye West and the plagued American basic maker. Announced, Almost as expected.

The first thing that came was the enthusiastic excitement and the release of all that disgusting expectations: OMG! Oh, God! The future has finally arrived. And on Kanye’s birthday!

Then, when it became clear that I could pre-order the jacket, I was in a hurry to get there first. CNBC is excited report sold out! Very fast! The news spread by word of mouth. It turned out to be fake.

(In fact, the site crashed and is now backed up. This is a pre-order, not a limited edition drop. The actual jacket isn’t manufactured yet, so there’s no limit to the number of items sold. 6 days left You can continue to purchase.)

And finally, repulsion: wait, the jacket made of recycled blue nylon actually looks like this: Trash bagsAlso, a deflated balloon.

Twenty-four hours have passed and the dust has settled down, so it’s probably time to take a step back and consider the jacket itself. Is that something good? And it could do what this entire partnership with Mr. West is supposed to do: wipe the slate clean, make a fresh start, and create a gap. Struggle Will it cool again even before the pandemic?

Maybe qualified.

The jacket itself arrives like a puffer fish from another planet, Gap Instagram Post Or it was projected like a ghost against buildings in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and shook slightly in the breeze. Made from recycled nylon stuffed with polyester (Yeezy Gap personnel haven’t specified it, but want it to be recycled, otherwise it’s kind of … uh). It is unisex and oversized, with a fluffy tactile look and curved tubular arms. There are seams above the backbone and below each arm.

There are no closures or additions to any type of material. This may be interesting from a conceptual point of view, but a bit problematic from a functional point of view. Big wind.

It also costs $ 200, which is low for Yeezy but quite high for Gap. Because it looks round, it is named “Round Jacket” in the sense of Warhol.

And it’s clearly the next step in West’s new aesthetic, which involves reduction and excess elimination. (See most of him Recent Paris Fashion Week returns, He explained that his clothes were made for the “service industry”, but it was not thought that the service industry he was talking about was on the “Star Wars” planet Jakku. )

Mr. West himself modeled his work on the go a few days ago, and its short appearance showed how big the jacket that swallowed his hand was really like a duvet.

Of course, to some extent, it doesn’t matter if the jacket is flattering or practical. This is the first time, and since it is a historic collaboration from both a business and cultural perspective, it acts as a kind of artifact or totem. The deal between Mr West and Gap is long-term and profitable. Both brands are, in their own way, part of the story of our time. Those who pre-order in a hurry may find that they get the jacket and don’t like it at all, but it works fine in the secondary market. There is no doubt that many sneaker entrepreneurs have explicitly purchased them for resale.

It may not set a credible precedent for the next and subsequent drops, but it does not affect Gap’s ability to brag about jacket sales. Gap is not a provider of limited resources, and of course, limited resources are the most exciting. Maybe the plan is to change it all.

It looked like that at first because Gap erased the entire Instagram history and showed only the jacket. It’s a rare move for established brands, as customers seem to reject everything they’ve previously purchased, as if it were day one. Find out when Hedi Slimane arrived in Celine.

It also looked like that because the jacket seems to have been introduced and offered only in the United States.

But I don’t know exactly when Yeezy Gap says, but international expansion is imminent. Therefore, Yeezy fans outside the United States do not have to plan how to get a jacket after all.

Investors Gap stock price It rose slightly on the day of release, but it wasn’t unusual. (At least it didn’t fall; maybe investors were relieved that Mr West didn’t continue His threat I will not manufacture the product unless he gets a gap board sheet. )

But there is a problem here. Coolness and accessibility are the opposite concepts. The more accessible and ubiquitous something is, the less cool it is. If West and Gap could change that, they would have changed more than style and their own reputation. They would have changed our way of thinking. The actual test comes with a complete collection.

Especially since Gap recently announced Another new deal, For household items — Use Wal-Mart.

Is the Yeezy Gap Jacket really good?

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