Is Westminster returning to normal?

NSHe breaks up Congress for the summer vacation has seen the resurgence of the summer party, one of the great traditions of conservative Westminster, after the blockade last year.As usual audience, Tory House Journal had the best drinks.Policy Exchange, a right-wing think tank, did the best warm-up in the form of a tory MP Michael Gove. The third event, the release of the “Greater” book by Paymaster General Penny Mordaunt and Chris Lewis, was a true festival of Britishness. Guests were provided with scotch eggs and fish and chips. The whole social vortex felt as if Brexit and covid-19 never happened.

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The feeling of returning to normal is beyond Westminster. If you look at the headlines, you can see the familiar world. The Liberal Democratic Party won the by-elections and proclaimed a new era of politics. The tabloid has released a photo of the minister kissing a woman who is not his wife, destroying marriage and career. The government has announced that the law and order will be tightened. And the Conservatives are back on Earth after being given a simple ride by voters who regarded it as a nearly nationally unified government. Labor is two points behind (37-39) in the latest Survation poll. Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has narrowed the gap with the prime minister and favored top jobs (33 for Sir Kia and 40 for Boris Johnson). From the last Labor Party term, Sir Kiel revived his talents under Tony Blair and then Gordon Brown, this time embarking on an epic tour to introduce himself directly to Britain instead of Zoom.

Two years ago, Britain looked dangerously unstable. Labor was in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and a group of his Stalin Apologists. Dominic Cummings, the mastermind of Vout Reeve, was preparing shock therapy for Britain. IMF We are dealing with countries in Eastern Europe born of communism, or wasteful Latin American countries. Two new outfits, Brexit Party and Change United KingdomPromised to blow away the ossified political system. Parliament Square was a place of constant protest and a destination for marches and oppositions. MPPolice protection was needed after the threat of murder.

Such annoyance is still evidence. George Galloway, a forever stalker of Labor fringes, brought his unique poison brand to the by-elections of Batley and Spen in early July. Later that month, Kate Shemirani, a former nurse who became an anti-Baxer conspirator, told thousands of protesters at Trafalgar Square: “In the Nuremberg Trials, doctors and nurses stood on trial and they hung their heads. “. But the nasty trend is receding. Sir Kiel is scraping Marxist barnacles from the Labor hull. Now leaving Downing Street, Cummings is becoming a Pantomime villain. The UK Independence Party, which played a major role in the realization of Brexit, is largely non-functional, and former leader Nigel Farage will appear on a new sick television channel. GB news. Parliament Square has been retaken by its legitimate owner, a foreign tourist.

The laws of economics also reassert themselves. During the covid-19 crisis, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak agreed to “use what he needed,” and Johnson sprinkled money on the masses like the Roman emperor at a later date. Currently, the Treasury is bending that muscle. Snack has played Scrooge on several notable demands, including the new Royal Yacht and catch-up classes for children whose school education has been delayed due to the blockade.

The new normal looks peculiar when set in the light of recent history. Grumpy and unpredictable Johnson is not the usual prime minister, and the effects of covid-19 and Brexit may continue. Cases are decreasing, but more closures are possible. Politicians whose business is meeting people are particularly vulnerable to “pindemic” (a national tracking app orders them to stay home after contacting an infected person). Both Johnson and Snack had to attend the summer party. Still, the two contours can be spy on the post-covid mist.

First, it is better for workers to return to normal than for conservatives. Sir Kiel could criticize Mr Johnson in a way that would have seemed ridiculous in the midst of the crisis (a promised investigation into the government’s pandemic treatment has given him a lot of material. Will give). Meanwhile, the contradictions within the conservative coalition will become more apparent. So far, Johnson has been able to promise more spending to the poorer North without imposing higher taxes on the richer South. It cannot last forever. Ultimately, he needs to infuriate the Shire Tories or disappoint Redwall converts. “Making real choices is incompatible with the party alliance we have put together,” says one of the party’s bolder ones. MPNS.

Revive and return to reality

The second is that it means drifting and returning to waffles. Return to John Major in the 1990s instead of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. On the bread and butter issue, Johnson will rely on the government for headlines rather than substance. For Scottish independence, he provides prophecies and delays. The Conservative Party lurks between big government and the Sackerite persona. Meanwhile, Labor will reconcile with leaders who are too good to litter, but not enough to create political weather.

The expulsion of radicals from mainstream political parties is worth celebrating. But something was lost in the decline of the revolutionary frenzy. Cummings was widely regarded as a “nightmare,” but he was also right on some important things. British political parties are becoming more and more weak. The white hole management mechanism is rusty. And the broader culture is complacency and negative. Infinitely preferable to the paralysis that seized control of the political system after Brexit’s vote, the new normality would be far from what Johnson and his fellow rebels once promised, the National Renaissance.

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Is Westminster returning to normal?

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