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Cairo (AP) — Egypt and Israel are holding high-level talks on Sunday to intensify a fragile truce …

Cairo (AP) — Egypt and Israel hold high-level talks between the two countries on Sunday, intensifying a fragile truce between Israeli and Hamas militant groups, leaving much of the beach for an 11-day harsh war After that, an abandoned excursion to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Shark Shukuri was in talks with Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, who arrived in Cairo on Sunday. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Foreign Minister has made a public visit for the first time in more than a decade.

The Israeli embassy in Cairo said on Twitter that Ashkenazi’s visit was the first visit by top Israeli diplomats since 2008.

The two ministers are said to discuss topics such as the ceasefire and the liberation of Israeli soldiers and civilians detained in Hamas.

“We will discuss establishing a permanent ceasefire with #Hamas, a mechanism for providing humanitarian assistance, and rebuilding #Gaza, which plays an important role for international organizations. Community,” Ashkenazi told Cairo. I tweeted when I arrived.

Meanwhile, Egyptian intelligence director Abbas Camel flew to Tel Aviv to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian officials in Ramallah, Egyptian officials said.

Officials said Camel would discuss with Netanyahu and Palestinian authorities how to rebuild Gaza. Camel will then meet with Hamas leaders in Ramallah.

Talks with Israeli officials will address not only the possibility of expanding the waters allowed for Gaza fishermen, but also a series of measures to allow materials, electricity and fuel into the territory, officials said. Said.

“The role of the Palestinian authorities is central to the negotiations,” he said. “Egypt is trying to get deeply involved in the reconstruction process.”

Egyptian officials familiar with the circumstances leading up to the ceasefire said on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to briefly explain to reporters.

The 11-day war killed more than 250 people, most of them Palestinians, who caused enormous damage to poor coastal areas. Preliminary estimates show hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Egypt was important in mediating transactions between the two countries.

The official said Egypt would provide guarantees that reconstruction funds would not reach Hamas and would probably oversee spending through an international committee led by Egypt and the United Nations.

Camel also put tensions on the Holy City, including the situation in Jerusalem and how to ease Israeli restrictions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and prevent planned evictions of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah district of East Jerusalem. We will also discuss how to relieve it.

At the meeting in Gaza and Tel Aviv, officials said the possibility of releasing Israeli Palestinian prisoners of war in return for the Israelis detained in Hamas would be considered.

Last week, Egypt invited Israeli, Hamas and Palestinian authorities to consult in Cairo to strengthen the Cairo-mediated ceasefire and accelerate the process of rebuilding Gaza.

Hamas leader Ismail Hanier will visit Cairo this week, and Hamas is ready to discuss prisoner exchange with Israel, according to group spokesman Abderatif al-Kano.

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