‘It is a very difficult time for public safety’: Program helps police departments in times of need – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-01-12 18:38:14 –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (WBTW) — The South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program (SCLEAP) has been supporting police stations in the area for years, but more recently with Jacob Hancher Officer and Sgt. Gordon William Vest.

SCLEAP was founded in 1997 to assist state police officers, SLED agents, state police officers, and local law enforcement agencies.

“In 2000, the legislature passed a law that SCLEAP should exist and should be supported by these agencies, but serve local law enforcement agencies on demand.” Eric Skidmore, Program Manager for SCLEAP, said.

SCLEAP consists of partnerships between five state agencies, including SLED, South Carolina Natural Resources Authority, South Carolina Public Safety Authority, South Carolina Prosecutor’s Office, Parlor and Purdon Services, South Carolina Army and Air National Guard. ..

Any agency can contact SCLEAP at any time for assistance.

“The way the program is designed is for police officers to be confidential and ask for help, perhaps referrals to clinical counselors, grief-related things, post-deployment, addiction, etc.,” said Skidmore. ..

“They can contact us with confidence and we strive to connect them with the resources we need,” Skidmore added.

When an incident occurs, such as the recent death of a sergeant. Best suited for the North Myrtle Beach Public Security Bureau, the SCLEAP minister will assist you as needed.

“We have a mental health provider and we have a medical provider. We help them handle this traumatic case and handle it so that they can proceed very honestly. I’m there for you, “said Eddie Hill, Rev. Holly County Sheriff.

“It is important for police officers to know that their commanders have their backs. If they follow their training and they are performing in a legitimate way, they are at the agency. Yes, you need to know that their boss supports them 100%, which is what you see around our state, “Skidmore said.

For decades, Skidmore said law enforcement had been stigmatized for those seeking help.

“Thirty or forty years ago, such resources were not available, perhaps in a way that police officers find new ways to deal with, find help, while we are alive. They were indignant as a sense of weakness, “Skidmore said.

Dale Long, Secretary of the Conway Police Department, said his department has requested SCLEAP assistance and is a necessary resource for mental health.

“Everyone looks at the police and I think they are strong. All of this, we see what the average person never needs to see and deal with those who understand what We need to be able to deal with it in a very secure setting, “Long said.

“We need someone to talk to. The good thing about peer teams is talking to trained officers. Most officers are exactly the type of scenario we have.”

Hill said the law enforcement community is a family and it is beneficial to attend a group healing session.

“It tells these cops that they are not alone, and that’s the bright part of it, it’s sad, but it’s the bright part,” Hill said.

‘It is a very difficult time for public safety’: Program helps police departments in times of need Source link ‘It is a very difficult time for public safety’: Program helps police departments in times of need

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