“It was a kind of emotion”: Trump filmmakers say he was afraid of trouble at the Capitol | Donald Trump

WWhen the House Election Commission investigating the January 6 parliamentary attack expelled British filmmaker Alex Holder, it was: Donald Trump’s Time in the office.

New witnesses who appeared later in Congress’s investigation into the parliamentary attack Donald Trump After the defeat of the former president to Joe Biden, his family as a government collapsed during the election period after 2020.

Three sit-down interviews with Trump, including one at the White House, numerous other interviews with Trump’s adult children, personal conversations between top pre-election aides and advisors, and parliament. A storm around the Capitol itself.

Second filmmaker working with the panel – first Nick QuestedWas part of the Proud Boys group on the far right. In effect, there was a front row seat staring at the former president’s heart at an important milestone in maintaining his presidency.

With access to Trump, and listening to him and his inner circle, the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections will not culminate in any event at the Capitol on January 6th. He suspected, Holder said in an interview with the Guardian.

“I wasn’t 100% sure, but it was a kind of sensation, so we prepared for that to happen,” said Holder. “I thought it was January 6th because, in Trump’s view, the last effort was to stop the process,” Biden said.

“He felt that the process of the ritual in Congress on January 6th was the last time in his mind he was able to stop the elections to go to the wrong person, so to speak. The rhetoric was that the election was fraudulent. [that] You have to fight. “

Last week, Holder testified about about 100 hours of footage in a closed room and used it for the next documentary titled “Unprecedented”, handing over the parts required by the subpoena to a House investigator and compelling them to cooperate. ..

The special committee was broadly interested in the memory of the accumulation in the Capitol attack, and the interaction of Trump with his family, said Holder, but he asked about specific questions and lines of questions. Refused to discuss.

The Guardian was earlier, but the panel Focused on the phone among Trump’s adult children – Including Don Jr. and Eric – the holder shot with a camera at a campaign event at the Trump International Hotel where he gate crashed on September 29, 2020.

The special committee focuses on the footage of the event, in addition to the content of the one-on-one interview with Trump and Ivanka. The strategy discussion reflects a similar conversation by Trump’s top advisors at the time.

It seems that Trump and his children are interested in the panel, as Trump and his children managed to suspend election recognition on January 6, which may be a violation of federal law, and Trump as early as September. Did you plan to force a contingent election if you were defeated by?

Event Day of the first presidential debate Trump’s hotel, accessed by Holder via Eric Trump, reflects his approach of filming everything possible, in case it’s unplanned and later turns out to be the result. rice field.

Holder deliberately postponed a one-on-one interview with Trump and his children to ensure that the exchange was not dismissed as confrontational, such as whether Trump lost the 2020 election. He said he asked a free-form question with a good approach.

“If I start pushing someone who knows I’m not going to change his position, and he kicks you out of the room, it’s all over,” said Holder. “We contextualize his position in a journalist interview, so we don’t have to discuss or discuss him.”

“Also, this Englishman from northern London isn’t going to change Donald Trump’s thinking about elections, and we’ll waste an entire hour together while I’m trying to convince him. I would have done it, I’m right, he’s wrong, “Holder added.

The special committee was also interested in an interview with Ivanka Trump with Holder, according to sources familiar with the matter, as she testified to the panel. She accepted that Trump lost the electionAt that time, she said the opposite to the holder.

Holder said she didn’t know if it was equivalent to Ivanka Trump changing her belief about the outcome of the 2020 election during three interviews with him, but she said He said he was surprised to effectively testify to the Special Commission that his father was wrong.

“It was amazing because at least the three kids with me always reflected and supported their father’s position,” he said.

This documentary shows Trump and his chasing them through a turbulent 2020 presidential election, when the children acted on behalf of the campaign, the last months of the administration, and months after the parliamentary attack. Widely shows family portraits.

After interviewing Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner before the 2020 election, Holder went to the White House on the first weekend of December 2020 to interview the former president and Ivanka again. Said that he did.

He said he had a second interview with Trump in Marago, Florida, months after the Capitol attack, and a third interview with Trump at his Bedminster Golf Club a few months later. .. He also interviewed Ivanka and Eric again after the event on January 6th.

This documentary also includes live footage of the Capitol attack taken by Holder’s cinematographer Michael Crommett. First platform tunnel On the west side of the Capitol, a Trump mob tried to break the door but failed.

Holder also said he had a one-on-one interview with then-Vice President Mike Pence. This includes a scene in which Pence briefly reviews an email regarding the amendments to Article 25 regarding the dismissal of the US President. A house official who was attacked by the Houses of Parliament.

“It was a kind of emotion”: Trump filmmakers say he was afraid of trouble at the Capitol | Donald Trump

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