ItalDesign teases a DeLorean-style car with gull-wing doors

The legendary design house ItalDesign has released a teaser image of a mysterious car with a gull-wing door and the word “DMC” on its nose. Wait, did we go back in time? Oh, it’s still 2021. So this is a brand new DeLorean-style car.

The image was accompanied by a photo of the original DeLorean from the workshop, taken on January 21, 1981. The caption states that this is the first product model of the DMC-12 released. “Is there a better way than to peep into the (near) future to celebrate the icon of car history? Look forward to it more …” the text continues.

We interpret it as meaning that a modern interpretation of DeLorean will be announced shortly. If you’re lucky, you’re likely to be a render or show car, but I don’t think the production machine is included in the menu.

Giorgetto Giugiaro, the founder of ItalDesign, wrote the original car. Its futuristic look and stainless steel body made DeLorean immortal in the movie as a 1985 time machine.Back to the futureHowever, the production car was equipped with a fairly anemic 130 horsepower engine that could never be tolerated by the appearance of the car.

Founded in 1968, ItalDesign has styled cars for many car manufacturers, from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen. Notable works include the BMW M1, the original Lotus Esprit, the first-generation Lexus GS, the Subaru SVX and the Mk1 VW Golf. However, DeLorean’s central role in the hit movie became one of the studio’s most important works and was loved by both car and movie lovers.

Judging by the size of the door relative to the body, the updated DeLorean looks like a fairly compact car overall. The cross section also shows that it has curved, bulging shoulders rather than the sides of the original flat surface. Unfortunately, the rear is still hidden, so I’m not sure if I can easily add the optional Mr. Fusion.

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ItalDesign teases a DeLorean-style car with gull-wing doors

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