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Italian Fashion Prime Minister – WWD

Milan – His elegant appearance, encyclopedic fashion knowledge, including distinctive red socks, and his diplomacy are deeply overlooked on the Italian fashion circuit.

Born in Aruba on Saturday, a few days before turning 93, Beppe Modenese died in Milan.

Called WWD “Prime Minister of Fashion” by the legendary publisher John B. Fairchild in 1983, Modenese has recently served as Honorary Chairman of the Italian Fashion Chamber of Commerce.

His fashion caregiver began in Florence in the 1950s in collaboration with Giovanni Batista Giorgini, and in 1952 held a historic show in Sarabanca at Pitti Palace, with participation from Roberto Capucci and Emilio Pucci. Did.

In 1953 he was one of the founders of the Sindacato Italiano Alta Moda and later became the Italian Fashion Chamber of Commerce and has been a leader for many years.

After working for Estee Lauder and Chanel for several years, in 1978 he founded MODIT, an institution aimed at organizing fashion and costume events.

Sad Feruccio Ferragamo, Chairman of Salvatore Ferragamo, said Modenese “never pulled back and was always encouraged and directed. I am always grateful for his advice and support. He I was always looking at the positive side, feeling good, calm, and having a charming smile. “

Asked for an example of the advice offered by Modenese, Ferragamo said, “He respected the brand and believed that consistency was always rewarded. I couldn’t agree anymore. It’s very true and Not given. He expressed his concept clearly and concisely. He was a wonderful person and did a lot for the institution and Italy. “

Loudmere Pucci emphasized Modenese’s “sustainable curiosity” and how he continued to support the industry by attending all shows. “He has a lot of beautiful stories to tell and will clearly associate them without decoration.” Modenese described his father Emilio Pucci as “an innovator, believing in the value of the brand, always smiling at me. He encouraged me, “she said.

“He always expressed his opinion in a balanced way, and that was always the point,” Pucci continued. “But he had that delicacy and generosity of his friends, he helped as a rare friend in the fashion system, not as an institution. He is warm, has a strong sense of humor, and is always optimistic. With his balanced vision, he accompanied the industry and succeeded in unifying it-we owe it to him, and he encourages novelty. did.”

Having spent his life with his longtime partner architect Clown Pinto, who died in 2018, Modenese received the Cavalier honor from the Italian government and the Ambrosino Doro Award from the City of Milan in 1994.

Italian Fashion Prime Minister – WWD

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